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Kate Betterton grew up in the Mississippi Delta, in Greenville, a town situated on a long lake that was originally a loop of the mighty river. Greenwood, an hour away, has been Kate's Delta "home away from home" for several decades.

Deltans love stories. It's hard to buy groceries or rent a fishing skiff without somebody telling you a story, often humorous and frequently scandalous. You’re minding your own business in a café waiting for your catfish plate when your waitress (a total stranger) regales you with a hair-raising, hilarious account of her boyfriend’s recent near-decapitation with his chain saw. At the cash register, the proprietor launches into a tale about just finding, in some poor sap’s change, a rare penny, stamped with a “D,” that’s worth thousand of dollars. Did it really happen? Does the waitress even have a boyfriend? What’s the difference? It was a great story, and it “livied up” your day. There are many fiction writers from the Delta; this enduring tradition of creating and sharing stories has a lot to do with it. The writing bug caught Kate at an early age, and she's been telling and writing stories ever since.

She has lived in Minnesota, New Orleans, New England and the Pacific Northwest. Her stories have a southern tone, with quirky characters caught in quandaries that can occur anywhere, but occur in a certain way only in the south.

After years of living in the north, Kate Betterton answered the siren song of the South, and now lives with her family in Chapel Hill, NC-- where, it’s claimed with admirable exaggeration, “You can’t throw a tomato without hitting a writer.” Her work has been published in The Sun, The Southerner, and local publications. She is the recipient of a grant from the Barbara Deming Memorial Foundation of the Bronx, NY, was awarded an Emerging Artist Grant by the Durham, NC Arts Council, and won the 2008 Novello Literary Award for Where the Lake Becomes the River. She’s a member of the Chapel Hill Writers’ Group, and the Durham Writers' Meetup Group.

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Where the Lake Becomes the River (2008)