About Us

About UNC-TV:

As North Carolina's only statewide public media network, UNC-TV's 12 stations provide all 100 counties with four full-time, unique broadcast program channels: 

  • UNC-TV PBS & More
  • Rootle UNC-TV's Kids Channel
  • The Explorer Channel
  • NC Channel Stories with a Local Accent 

Our Mission:

To connect North Carolinians with each other, the world and endless possibility and while accompanying people of all ages on their journey of exploration and discovery.

To create, share and celebrate our stories of place, progress and pride.

To provide quality educational content and services of consequence for our audiences.

Our Vision:

To be a trusted, attentive and cherished partner to North Carolinians in our shared pursuit of a higher quality of life.

A highly relevant, respected and revered media organization.

A community supported resource whose value is shared by many diverse communities, organizations, and individuals across our state.

Our Core Values & Beliefs:

1. Put the community and audience first
2. Strive for excellence
3. Be open-minded, respectful and inclusive of diverse views, cultures and beliefs
4. Be courageous, bold and innovative
5. Have the integrity to do the right thing
6. Humbly serve the citizens of North Carolina and our neighbors
7. Have fun and treat each other with respect

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UNC-TV's Governance Structure

UNC-TV has a well-defined governance system that assures ample oversight that is both transparent and representative of the diverse views and interests of North Carolinians. UNC-TV is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to the University of North Carolina Board of Governors. The Board of Governors is primarily appointed by the North Carolina General Assembly. The Board of Governors appoints 11 members to the UNC-TV Board of Trustees, the governor appoints four, and the president pro tempore of the senate and speaker of the house each appoint one. Five serve ex officio: the president of the University of North Carolina, the president of community colleges, the superintendent of public instruction, the secretary of health and human services, and the secretary of cultural resources. UNC-TV’s Board of Trustees serves in a direct advisory capacity, assuring that public involvement and perspectives will have further influence on UNC-TV operations. 

Public Broadcasting Funding

In the United States, public broadcasting is funded by a unique combination of public and private support, and that includes UNC-TV. Some have questioned this model and asked if there are better alternatives. In other countries that have some form of public television—the BBC in Great Britain and the CBC in Canada are probably the most familiar examples—public television and radio broadcasters are fully funded by the national government, removing the need for any form of fundraising, underwriting from private sources, or funding from local governments. Most countries in the world have adopted this model for funding public broadcasting.

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