Annual Report

Television has the power to change lives. Public television has the responsibility to change lives for the better: a child far from urban resources is inspired to become a scientist, a high school dropout earns a GED, a homebound senior citizen remains connected to the world of arts and culture, the family of an Alzheimer’s patient finds strength and support. UNC-TV’s unique programs and public media services provide people of all ages with enriching, life-changing television. — The UNC-TV Mission Statement

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Operating Highlights: Fiscal Year 2013-2014

The Board of Governors of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Nashville/Midsouth Chapter, presented UNC-TV the following esteemed awards:

Governors’ Award (UNC-TV) Given in recognition of achievements by individuals, organizations, or companies, which do not fall within the structure of the Chapter’s regular categories. UNC-TV was awarded for its excellent work in North Carolina throughout the network’s nearly 60-year history.

Gold Circle (William C. Friday) Television professionals are inducted to recognize significant industry contributions (25 years or more for Silver Circle, 50 years for Gold Circle). William Friday was posthumously inducted as the inaugural member for visionary service in public television and for hosting UNC-TV’s longest-running program for more than 40 years: North Carolina People.

North Carolina Now celebrated its 20th anniversary milestone on January 17, 2014, with a special episode that highlighted the past 20 years and featured staff members who were there at the start. In addition, a special 20-part series, North Carolina Now and Then, premiered in January.

In honor of former Director and General Manager Tom Howe, the Tom Howe Fund for UNC-TV was established and $147,425 was raised from corporate partners and individual donors. A future gift of life insurance (valued at $8,800) was received, bringing the fund total to $156,225. The fund is for the enhancement of UNC-TV.

During FY14 the focus of UNC-TV’s original productions was on science. Thanks to a grant from GSK, UNC-TV was able to aggregate its science coverage through a new science website——providing broadcast content with supplemental written information, links to external experts, a special section devoted to educational material, and more. In addition, North Carolina Now successfully
launched weekly North Carolina Science Now reports. Each Wednesday night the series focuses on science and technology research happening throughout the state. North Carolina Now also partnered with the North Carolina Science Festival, which in April hosted the country’s largest science festival.

UNC-TV embraced the OVEE (Online Video Engagement Experience) virtual screening tool made available by PBS, conducting its initial OVEE screening by premiering the first episode of the 700 series of
Our State. UNC-TV followed with additional online engagement opportunities, including a May screening and discussion of a recent interview with the late Maya Angelou on the same day she passed away. The event, titled Maya Angelou Living Arts Memorial, attracted more than 200 participants.

On April 28 UNC-TV produced an hour-long debate with four Republican candidates campaigning for U.S. Senate prior to the May primary election. This debate, held in the UNC-TV studio, was posted online in its entirety in our online video library and in individual question-and-answer form on YouTube.

UNC-TV created its first web-only video series in partnership with PBS Digital Studios and the Beat Making Lab. The three-part original production of this unique music program created by UNC-Chapel Hill music professors engaged 2,865 online viewers.

UNC-TV received eight nominations for the 28th Midsouth Emmy Awards. Two UNC-TV projects, Harvest of Dignity and The University of North Carolina School of the Arts Presents Much Ado About Nothing, were honored when the awards were presented in January 2014.

Viewer support totaled $8,618,901. Donations through online giving outside of on-air drives increased by 4 percent. Donors giving to UNC-TV through our Sustaining Circle program increased by 5,024 members, bringing the total number of sustaining donors to 9,453 in FY14.

UNC-TV again partnered with Marbles Kids Museum on a North Carolina State Fair exhibit geared toward families and children that attracted approximately 75,000 people, easily making it UNC-TV’s largest
outreach event of the year.

During FY14 UNC-TV and its partners developed and produced 329.5 hours of programming for and about North Carolina. UNC-TV is the presenting station for 244 hours of programming currently being
distributed nationally through PBS, APT, and NETA.

North Carolina Weekend began its 11th season in FY14. To date, more than 2,670 feature stories regarding tourism and recreational areas across the state have been produced.

The number of PBS LearningMedia users in North Carolina has more than doubled since last year. The UNC-TV LearningMedia website now hosts more than 90,000 content items with nearly 25,000 educators taking advantage of these multimedia, classroom-ready assets.

UNC-TV’s Educational Services staff conducted 36 workshops, training 928 adults and impacting 13,600 children during this fiscal year. The staff also participated in 61 community events, attracting 185,227
adults and children. For the 20th year, UNC-TV participated in the PBS KIDS Writers Contest. Working with schools, public libraries, and other literacy organizations, UNC-TV encouraged children to write, illustrate, and submit stories to our local contest. From the 270 entries, two stories emerged as finalists for national awards.