Annual Report

Annual Report 2015

Television has the power to change lives. Public television has the responsibility to change lives for the better: a child far from urban resources is inspired to become a scientist, a high school dropout earns a GED, a homebound senior citizen remains connected to the world of arts and culture, the family of an Alzheimer’s patient finds strength and support. UNC-TV’s unique programs and public media services provide people of all ages with enriching, life-changing television. — The UNC-TV Mission Statement

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Operating Highlights: Fiscal Year 2014-2015

A panel of state leaders appointed to lead the University’s UNC-TV Strategic Study wrapped up its series of four meetings in October 2014. The 15-member panel, composed of a diverse group of stakeholders with interest in the future of public television in North Carolina, offered expertise, insight and counsel during a comprehensive examination of UNC-TV’s business model that would ensure the organization was positioned correctly for the future given the rapidly changing technology environment. The results of the UNC-TV Strategic Study now serve as the blueprint that will help UNC-TV be a dynamic, relevant and nimble public media organization positioned to better serve the citizens and state of North Carolina.

Private fundraising had an outstanding year, generating $12,990,458. This was 24.9 percent more than the amount raised in FY14. Fundraising efforts were aided by a one-time bequest of $1,569,124 received at the end of the calendar year, which was an amazing gift to the organization. The viewer support total of $9,206,027 was up $587,127 (6.8 percent), and corporate and foundation support totaled $1,929,409, which was up $329,060 (20.6 percent) from the previous year.

Leading up to the November 2014 elections, UNC-TV hosted two hour-long debates with the major party U.S. Senate candidates in partnership with the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters Educational Foundation. With the race having a key bearing on which party would have a majority in the Senate, there was significant interest from national as well as local news media.

During FY15 UNC-TV and its partners developed and produced 326 hours of programming for and about North Carolina. UNC-TV is the presenting station for 234 hours of programming currently being distributed nationally through PBS, APT, and NETA.

North Carolina Now celebrated its 21st anniversary during FY15. The North Carolina Now team produced 239 episodes that included special programming focused on the High Point Furniture Market, the North Carolina State Fair, and the 440th Airlift Wing stationed at Pope Air Force Base.

Production and Technical Operations staff and its partners received 17 nomina- tions for the 29th Midsouth Emmy Awards. Nine UNC-TV projects were honored with awards when they were presented in January 2015.

In FY15 the Programming Division provided 26,328 hours of programming over UNC-TV’s three digital broadcast channels, as well as an additional 8,776 hours of programming over the UNC-MX digital channel. Programming highlights for the year included the fifth season of Downton Abbey, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, A Capitol Fourth, Masterpiece—Wolf Hall, and the fourth season of Call the Midwife.

For UNC-TV, prime-time season-to-date gross ratings points (GRPs) are up 29.4 percent in Raleigh-Durham, 60.5 percent in Greensboro, and 14.9 percent in Greenville-Spartanburg from last year’s end-of-the-fiscal-year calendar. For UNC-TV, whole-day season-to-date GRPs are up 11.4 percent in Raleigh-Durham, 70.6 percent in Greensboro,

and 25.4 percent in Greenville-Spartanburg from last year’s end-of-the-fiscal-year calendar.

UNC-TV’s new Digital Media Department was formed in February 2015 to leverage existing and emerging digi- tal media to strengthen each department and channel. UNC-TV commissioned a digital media report by the STAR (Student Teams Achieving Results) program, part of UNC Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, to assess UNC-TV’s digital strengths and weaknesses.

UNC-TV’s educational outreach staff conducted 131 workshops/screenings/community events in FY15, directly impacting 103,291 people, including teachers and child care providers. Last year teachers indicated that they worked with 23,495 students, spreading what they had learned to the young lives under their care. After one-and-a-half years of intensive negotiations, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction purchased the custom version of PBS LearningMedia for $314,000 for all public school teachers. The resource will be available beginning in August through HomeBase, the online portal used by all teachers.

UNC-TV’s audit for FY14 resulted in an unqualified opinion and no issues to report in a letter to management.