FCC Public Inspection File

Below are links to the FCC Station Profiles and Public Inspection Files for UNC-TV's 12 transmitters. 

  1. Asheville, NC; WUNF-TV
  2. Canton, NC; WUNW
  3. Chapel Hill, NC; WUNC-TV
  4. Concord, NC; WUNG-TV
  5. Edenton, NC; WUND-TV
  6. Greenville, NC; WUNK-TV
  7. Jacksonville, NC; WUNM-TV
  8. Linville, NC; WUNE-TV
  9. Lumberton, NC; WUNU
  10. Roanoke Rapids, NC; WUNP-TV
  11. Wilmington, NC; WUNJ-TV
  12. Winston-Salem, NC; WUNL-TV

For Problems with the FCC Public File please contact:

Risa Abney


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Phone: 919-549-7818

E-Mail: rabney@unctv.org