Producer's Guide

UNC-TV Producer's Guide

In addition to producing its own programs, UNC-TV receives both program proposals and completed productions from people outside of UNC-TV. Local programs such as Thank You, Eddie Hart, Corapeake, The Raleigh Ringers, There Was a Colored School, An Unlikely Friendship, and Exploring North Carolina are all examples of some of the outstanding work by various North Carolina independent producers, that have been broadcast on UNC-TV's statewide network.

The Producer's Guide explains UNC-TV's guidelines for submitting program proposals and the process by which UNC-TV considers programs for air. If you are an independent producer, you have two options for program proposals.

To submit a program proposal or completed program to UNC-TV:

If you would like to submit information about your project to UNC-TV, please read "Submitting a Program Proposal" to learn more about UNC-TV's guidelines for accepting productions, in addition to the documents that must be submitted.

Program Proposals
P.O. Box 14900
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-4900