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Whether you’d like to cultivate a window box of flowers, a backyard patch of vegetables, or an acre full of healthy grasses, join Almanac Gardener's gardening guru Mike Gray, as he and his fellow experts from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service at North Carolina State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences take viewers through the finer points of garden planning, maintenance & blooming innovation.

Over the 20 week season, airing April to August, each episode of this long-running, home horticultural series plants fertile ideas with timely features highlighting local landscaping techniques, vegetable & flower gardening, water conservation, beneficial bugs and much more! So, no matter whether you’re a late bloomer in the garden or a resident green thumb, this informative original series addresses all of your growing concerns with half-hour episodes chock full of the latest gardening tips, techniques and insights.

Specifically this season, amid the stressful economy, the long-running series focuses on saving your money with informative segments highlighting home vegetable planting and preparing fresh vegetables right from the garden.

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