American Graduate Day

American Graduate Day

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Tune in Saturday, September 17 at 2 PM 

UNC-TV presents its fifth annual American Graduate Day national collaborative broadcast, Saturday, September 17, from 2 to 6 PM. This year’s program focuses on a single call to action: “Become an American Graduate Champion. Be a Mentor.”

We’re working to engage our community about the dropout crisis with such critical themes as Early Education, More & Better Learning, Special Needs, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math (STEAM), Dropout Prevention & Re-engagement and Career Readiness & College Completion. During the broadcast, see special celebrity guests, relevant spokespeople and compelling stories.

UNC-TV also highlights our local everyday heroes and community leaders, who regularly dedicate time, talent and resources to mentoring students and keeping them on the road to success. See our local “Stories of Champions” as part of the American Graduate Day special on UNC-TV.

ANSWER Scholarship

Susan Andersen started the ANSWER in 2006 to provide college scholarships to moms in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties who are raising school-age children (K-12). The scholarships are given to aid these women who demonstrate a need for the scholarships and are working toward earning their first college degree.

UNCW Chancellor Sartarelli

In this story, Brazil native Dr. Jose “Zito” Sartarelli shares the valuable lessons he learned growing up on a farm and talks about how he applies them on a daily basis to foster a mindset of leadership, teamwork and perseverance for his students and staff members in order to compete and succeed in a global workplace.


St. Stephens Elementary Principal Dr. Donna Heavner nearly dropped out of high-school, but ended up graduating and earning her doctorate degree. She wants the same for her students and believes the L.I.F.T program—an educational outreach model designed to teach parents to effectively engage in their student’s learning process, and to help students ensure academic success both in and out of the classroom—can help students achieve those goals. Funding for L.I.F.T. was made in part by the Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center.

UNC-TV and community partners are dedicated to helping youth stay on track to high school graduation. For more information about American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen, visit

Funding for the American Graduate is supported by a generous grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  

American  •  ANSWER Scholarship Clip  •  UNCW Chancellor Sartarelli Clip  •  L.I.F.T. Clip

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