And Still The Turtle Watched

And Still the Turtle Watched (Reading Rainbow)

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Reading RainbowDuring this episode of Reading Rainbow, the Ready To Learn "Read-View-Do Learning Triangle" model is followed.

And Still the Turtle Watched
Author: Sheila MacGill-Callahan; Illustrator: Barry Moser

This book helps depict the effects that human insensitivity can have on our natural resources. This sensitive story can be used to discuss the respect that early people held for our earth and the importance of that quality today.

Reading Rainbow Episode 99-A turtle carved in rock many years ago by Native Americans watches the river below. In the span of time it observes many ecological changes with a great deal of sadness.


Leaf Rubbings, Turtle Time

During this activity, topics relating to responsible choices, consequences of our actions, conservation, and problem solving can all be addressed.

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