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Season 15 (2012)Ann Ross

When Ann Ross' children went to college, she decided to start school as well. She enrolled in school at the University of North Carolina Asheville and earned a degree in Literature. After graduation she went on to complete a Masters and Doctorate at UNC Chapel Hill.

Her writing career began in the 1980s with publication of two paperback mysteries -- The Murder Cure and The Murder Stroke. Her next book was a 19th century adventure called The Pilgrimage. In 1999 Ross released her first Miss Julia book, Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind and over the next decade has written 12 more stories featuring the respectable, well-to-do southern gentlewoman. Ann Ross holds a doctorate from UNC Chapel Hill and lives in Hendersonville.


About Miss Julia to the Rescue
Ann RossMiss Julia to the Rescue by Ann RossMiss Julia to the Rescue begins with Miss Julia feeling restless as her husband Sam leaves for a two-week trip to the Holy Land and Lloyd decides to move out of the house. As she contemplates a home make over, Hazel Marie's husband goes missing while on an investigation. Miss Julia finds her way to West Virginia to spring the private investigator from jail. Meanwhile back in Abbotsville, Agnes Whitman has returned to town with a band of misfits, whose motives are not quite clear. Miss Julia must return home to figure out what this group is up to and stop them.


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