Anne: The Animated Series

Anne: The Animated Series

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Anne: The Animated SeriesThe educational objectives of Anne: The Animated Series are to support children's life skills development - that is, the set of skills needed to live a productive family and community life. Social and emotional skills are emphasized including the importance of sharing and helping others, taking accountability for your actions, collaboration; respect for those who are different from ourselves and the depiction of adults as positive role models as seen from a child's perspective.

Each episode of Anne: The Animated Series weaves an everyday childhood issue into the storyline. The unique challenges of childhood are adapted for children ages 6 to 10. During each episode Anne and her friends contend with their feelings and their unique perspectives. As each show closes the characters have learned more about themselves and how to get along with others, despite their differences. Anne's imagination is used as the tool that allows her to see things from the point-of-view of others, helping her to understand her problems and to then work out a solution.

Because of her "can-do" attitude and strength of character, Anne is an excellent role model for children. The series stresses:

  • Children are valued for finding solutions
  • Grownups are positive, supportive role models
  • Children use critical thinking and creativity to solve everyday problems
  • Children learn the importance of collaborations
  • Children learn to cope with life's ups and downs

Each episode closes with a three to four minute segment in which real school children address many of the issues shown in the series such as bullying, taking responsibility for doing chores at home, and learning to respect the opinions of others.

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