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The Arthur series follows the adventures and misadventures of 8-year-old Arthur Read (an aardvark), his little sister D.W., and his friends and family. Each of the episodes consists of two stories that focus on themes central to children's lives.

The series is designed for children 4 to 8 years old.

Series Goals:

  • Model positive social behavior
  • Promote critical thinking and everyday problem solving
  • Motivate children to read and write

In each episode, the characters featured in Arthur grapple with the same issues that many children in the audience face: maintaining friendships, working things out with siblings, dealing with fears, and doing the right thing. The show can serve as a springboard for family conversations that invite kids to talk about and problem-solve similar situations in their lives.

Helping Kids Prepare for School:
The series encourages children to hone their social and problem-solving skills. These skills, along with literacy skills modeled by the characters, help prepare young children for school and for life. 

Helping Parents and Teachers At School, Home, and In the Community:
Workshops for parent and teacher workshops cover a variety of subject areas such as art, science, literacy, health, media literacy, math, technology, and so much more.  Workshops for teachers are approved for contact hour credits (CHCs) by the North Carolina Division of Child Development, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and Early Education (DCD-EE).