Aika- AebiAika-Aebi
Aebi is one of the faces of the Emmentaler Show Cheese Dairy, a few miles outside of Bern, Switzerland. She gives tours of the Dairy and is an expert on the cheese making tradition in Switzerland's Emmental region.

Bayliss served as New Bern's mayor from 1993-2009. He was still officially mayor during the delegation's visit to Switzerland and Germany, so he represented New Bern in that capacity in one of his last acts in office. Bayliss final day as Mayor took place while the group was still overseas. A native New Bernian, the journey to Bern was the first for Bayliss, who hadn't boarded an airplane in nearly 30 years before the trip to Switzerland.

Christine de-GraffenriedChristine de-Graffenried
Although she's not a direct descendant of New Bern's founder, Baron Christopher de Graffenried, Christine de Graffenried is still very involved in the relationship between Bern, Switzerland and its daughter city in North Carolina. She helped found the Swiss group 300 Years New Bern, which has helped organize many of the 300th celebration events in Switzerland. de Graffenried was also a main organizer of the Bern-New Bern exhibit.

Nelson McDanielNelson McDaniel
McDaniel is the Chairman of New Bern's 300th Anniversary Committee, the group responsible for planning and organizing the city's year-long 300th festivities. He's also traveled the world extensively over the years and served as the organizer of the trip to Switzerland and Germany. Like Bayliss, McDaniel is a New Bern native and frequently served as a tour guide during the group's trip through Europe, providing history and context along the way.

Kay WilliamsKay Williams
The Director of Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens, Williams is an authority on New Bern's settlement and history. She played a major role in designing one of the centerpiece's of the 300th celebration: the Bern-New Bern exhibit, which officially opened in Bern, Switzerland during the group's visit in early December. Williams worked with several institutions to provide artifacts, photographs, displays and other information to the Swiss to use in the exhibition. Many pieces from the exhibit will also be on display in New Bern in 2010 after the Bern, Switzerland phase of the exhibition winds down.

Linda StaunchLinda Staunch
A long-time New Bern resident, Staunch serves as the Executive Director of New Bern's 300th Anniversary Celebration. Like McDaniel, plays a large role in organizing and promoting the events taking place during the tricentennial year.