Bern New Bern
"Old" Bern commemorates the historic anniversary with the exhibition "New Bern, North Carolina--300 years Daughter City in America," illustrating New Bern’s development in eleven fascinating chapters.

City of Bern
Take a look round this fabulous cultural site and enjoy the charm of the covered arcades, cobbled streets and decorated facades. Cathedral, Clock Tower, Bear Pits, Houses of Parliament and Bundesplatz, River Aare, more than 100 fountains, arcades, Zoological Gardens - these and many more sights are key features of Bern.

City of New Bern
Learn more about the city's "three centuries of North Carolina heritage." This online accompaniment shares more about the city's rich history and the modern amenities it now offers, including Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens, the site's architectural beauty, the four National Register Historic Districts, a revitalized historic downtown and the NC History Education Center.

New Bern Preservation Foundation, Inc.
Chartered in 1972, the Foundation works with the city of New Bern through its Historic District Commission to enhance the charm of the district and educate the masses about the area's historic architecture.

Sun Journal: New Bern 300th
New Bern's Sun Journal newspaper provides online coverage of "all things anniversary," including an events calendar, "New Bern Memories," and related articles and columns.

Sun-Journal Reports on Bern and New Bern
Charlie Hall of The New Bern Sun-Journal, the daily newspaper serving New Bern and the surrounding region, wrote this article about Bern & New Bern: 300 Years Later and the delegation's trip overseas. New Bern - 300 Years
"Old" Bern is helping its daughter city, New Bern, North Carolina, celebrate its 300th anniversary. The series of Swiss special reports highlights the ties between the two Berns, showcases anniversary events and takes a closer look at the Graffenried family, which continues to leave its mark on the "old" Bern.