Bernie Harberts

2008 SeasonHarberts

After sailing his steel sailboat Sea Bird alone around the world (1998 to 2003), a journey he began and ended in Oriental, North Carolina, North Carolina author Bernie Harberts traveled by mule from Oriental, North Carolina to San Diego, California (2004 to 2005). Too Proud to Ride a Cow is the account of Bernie's 13-month, 3,500-mile voyage. Currently Bernie is traveling from Canada to Mexico in a mule wagon, exploring the fossil remains of the Western Interior Seaway, the shallow inland sea that flooded the Great Plains 75 million years ago. A dulcimer player and summa cum laude graduate of NC State University, Bernie found this of little use in his voyaging. When he's not living in a sailboat, tipi or mule wagon, Bernie resides in Southern Pines, NC.

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Too Proud to Ride a Cow (2007) 

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