Bernstain Bears

Berenstain Bears

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Berenstain BearsBased on the best-selling book series, The Berenstain Bears is a charming animated comedy celebrating furry family values and good old-fashioned Bear Country living. Set in the rolling hills of Bear Country, the series stars a fun loving family of Bears whose love, loyalty and humor allow them to overcome any obstacle that finds its way down their sunny dirt road.

Even though life is pretty sweet for the honey loving Bear Family, Papa will often remark that "sometimes there's trouble in Bear Country". Whether it's town politics, pollution, bullies, haunted lighthouses or just trying to fit in at school, the furry foursome are never far from adventure and intrigue.

The overarching goal of The Berenstain Bears is to extend the naturally ingrained educational themes of the series into fun, practical, and empowering classroom learning experiences for young children, aged 2 to 7.

Workshops for Parents and Caregivers Deal With:

Core Curriculum Area: Social Studies
Grades: Pre-K-1

McRel Standard:
Behavioral Studies - Standard 1.1; Understands that people are alike in many ways, and different in many ways.

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