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Watch Black Issues Forum Sunday mornings at 11:30 and Monday evenings at 5.

On Sunday March 8......The Howard Lee Insitiute

Former North Carolina Senator, Howard L. Lee talks abut his work for the community through the Howard N. Lee Institute. He shares his vision for the organization and commentary on the current status of African American boys.

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Originated in 1987 by Dr. Paul F. Vandergrift as a quarterly investigation into the needs, concerns and problems of the black community, today this weekly series continues to address the prevailing issues that shape, affect and define African Americans in North Carolina and beyond.

Series Description

Each week, Black Issues Forum presents a diverse panel of guests discussion topics on an unlimited number of topics including politics, social concerns, health, education, justice, entertainment, technology, public policy, media and who’s who. Through weekly discussions, viewers are provided information they can use to hopefully improve their lives and the world around them.

Black Issues Forum is place where you'll find a balanced exchange of views on topics of vital importance to the black community.  Programming is designed to inform, educate, and entertain viewers to positively impact their quality of living in North Carolina and the nation.

A Brief History
Black Issues Forum was originally a quarterly program created for national distribution with program content coordinated with University of North Carolina Center for Public Television programming, outreach, and PBS specials and utilized effective partnerships with Center staff, departments, and external organizations and individuals to assist with the total production.

 Black Issues Forum key players, Past and Present:
    •    Dr. Paul F. Vandergrift – Executive Producer, 1987 – 1995
    •    Valeria L. Lee – moderator/host, 1987 – 1995
    •    Jay Holloway – Executive Producer/Moderator 1995 – 2002
    •    Mitchell Lewis and Natalie Bullock Brown – co-hosts  2002 - 2010
    •    Deborah Holt Noel – Producer since 1999 and Host since 2010

Awards & Recognitions
    •    1999 Media Ward
    •    The African American Culture Complex

The African American Cultural Complex (AACC) annually honors North Carolinians and others who have outstanding contributions in the areas of Education, Media, Community and Humanitarian service which have benefited the African American community, the city, state and nation. The AACC does not attempt to recapture and recognized all of the many contributions of each honoree; however, attempts are made to highlight some of the honorees' significant accomplishments.

If you are interested in becoming an underwriter, please call: 919-549-7161, 919-549-7060 or 1-800-906-5050.

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