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Black Issues Forum: 3200 series (2016-2017)

May 7, 2017: Exploring Race — The NC Museum of Natural Sciences has a new, provocative exhibit called "RACE: Are We So Different?" And it is out to spark conversation and build bridges as well as educate and spread the word about what race means in America. Join Deborah as she explores the exhibit with new friends from the community, as well as participates in a Cultural Conversation - moderated by trained facilitators.

April 30, 2017: Untangling Your DNA — Thanks to the evolving science of DNA, it is becoming more and more popular for individuals to submit for analysis of their DNA in order to discover their true geographic origins. Dr. Anita Foeman has spearheaded the DNA Discussion Project, and she sits down with UNC Wilmington administrator Kent Guion and student Dan McCord to discuss the findings of the project.

April 23, 2017: Fair and Just Immigration Reform — Immigration is one of the most controversial policy areas in the US government, and it's often hard to understand what smart policy really looks like with so much rhetoric being fed to voters almost every day from all perspectives. Raul Pinto of the NC Justice Center and Immanuel Jarvis of the Durham County GOP sift through all of the conversations to try and illustrate the real issues at hand.

April 16, 2017: BIF Roundtable: The Future of Public Education — Public education and its efficacy have been a hot topic of conversation for a long time, but what is the future of public education under a private-education-focused Trump administration? Keith Poston of Public School Forum of NC, Travis Mitchell of Communities In Schools Wake County, and Jason Franklin of Cary Academy weigh in on the prospects for NC education.

April 9, 2017: Cuba and the Black Connection — Relations between Cuba and the United States are entering a new era, and this developing relationship has opened up new opportunities for learning and growth for Americans. Thanks to this new development, Atrayus Goode and James Ford took a group of black Americans to Cuba to study race relations there and how they translate to the American  experience with race.

April 2, 2017: Day 2 Day Dads — This week, we highlight some community engagement and education programs hosted by the North Carolina resource, the Family Resource Center South Atlantic. They sponsor multiple programs that are geared specifically towards helping dads in NC learn skills and approaches to parenthood that they may not yet know. We also feature the story of one of the participants of the program, Day 2 Day Dads.

March 26, 2017: BIF Roundtable: Bounds of Youth Sports — Youth sports can bring our children amazing experiences and lifelong friendships, but there are also major obstacles facing student athletes as they navigate the financial and academic strains on their lives. Coach Marissa Young, Dr. Mark Anthony Neal, and parent William Monden share their stories of the world of youth sports. Also, we feature a local athletic training group called D.I.V.E.R.S.E.

March 20, 2017: Meet Sandra Dubose — Sandra Dubose has had her share of struggles - including the development of Alopecia at the age of 25 - but nothing has ever stopped her from pursuing her dreams and finding her strengths through those struggles. Learn more about her story as she discusses some of her darkest moments along with the lessons she learned along the way.

March 13, 2017: Hairlooms with Michele Tapp Roseman — Hair and haircare is a powerful force in the black community, and so much of the self-esteem of black women in particular is tied to how their hair compares to that of other women around them. Author Michele Tapp Roseman, along with Professor Stephanie Irby Coard and UNC-TV employee Mariah Barksdale, dive deeper into why women of color are in a new age of loving their hair the way it is.

March 6, 2017: Tim Tyson: The Blood of Emmett Till — The story of Emmett Till's life and murder is one that pervades the American Civil Rights Movement, and it is well-known among activist communites. North Carolinian author Dr. Timothy B. Tyson has just published a new book entitled The Blood of Emmett Till, and his book draws important comparisons between the Civil Rights movement of the mid-20th Century and today's Black Lives Matter movement.

February 26, 2017: BIF Roundtable: Nostalgic for Black History  February is all about celebrating black heroes and stories, but how do we celebrate Black Heritage without re-traumatizing the black community with singular focuses on slavery struggles? Earl Ijames, Michelle Lanier, and Phyllis Coley share their thoughts on how black excellence can be celebrated and honored even when discussing the horrors of America's past.

February 19, 2017: Heritage Calendar — Every year, AT&T sponsors the Heritage Calendar, which features North Carolinians who have had a positive impact on the African-American community both here in our state and around the country. We chatted with Robert Doreauk of AT&T to learn more about the people in the 2017 calendar as well as sat down with one of 2017's honorees, Richard "Stick" Williams, to learn his story.

February 12, 2017: Step Up to STEM — Jobs of the future will be in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and, for African American students to be poised for those opportunities, they have to first get interested. Today’s guests share their exciting work to close the racial gap in STEM education and participation: Moni Singh, Founder and CEO of STEM for Kids; Del Ruff, an Edupreneur and Chair of the North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair Foundation; and, from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Professor Emeritus Dr. Joan Barber and Dean of Engineering and Technology Dr. Ershela L Sims discuss programs available to students statewide.

February 5, 2017: Power Networking  You can have degrees and the best education available, but if you don't know someone, what are your chances of getting hired and moving up in corporate America? Find out about the power of networking and how to build your network with Dee McDouga of Square 1 Bank, David Joyner of Joyner Media and Strategies, Inc., and Gerry McCants, founder of the Black Expo.

January 29, 2017: BIF Roundtable: Ensuring Democracy in North Carolina — Nationally and at home in North Carolina, it seems democracy is at play. An outgoing President Barack Obama said as much in his farewell speech to the nation. From the election of Donald Trump to special, closed door sessions called at the general assembly, how do you make sure your voice is heard and interests are met? Politicians and voter advocates weigh in.

January 22, 2017: How Colorblind is Interracial Love? — The motion picture Loving shares the true story of an interracial couple's 1960s fight for their right to marry and has garnered acclaim for screenwriting and acting. Beyond the legalities, it has helped reignite discussion about how we feel today about interracial marriage and relationships. Emelia Cowans-Taylor, Assistant Head of Communications at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Eric Barstow, an independent filmmaker, and JC Polk, a producer on staff at UNC-TV share their views on the subject.
January 15, 2017:  Oberlin: Freedmen's Village — While a historically black Raleigh neighborhood gives way to urban renewal, a community fights to preserve its memory in time and space.  Residents, historians, and other stakeholders share their visions for how this can be done and what they are doing to realize thehir visions. 

January 8, 2017: The Hive of Raising Bertie — Go behind-the-scenes of the feature length documentary, Raising Bertie, to learn about what life is like in Bertie County, North Carolina. Vivian B. Saunders of The Hive, Dr. Gary Cordon of the Victory Temple Church in Windsor, and Tara Kenchen of the NC Community Development Initiative all discuss their perspectives on the work of the Hive and what it means to be raised in Bertie.

January 2, 2017: Black Wall Street Homecoming — A group of talented and brilliant people have started a movement in Durham, NC, called Black Wall Street Homecoming. Deborah went to this year's event to learn all about how the BWSH movers and shakers are taking the world of entrepreneurship by storm and opening up new opportunities for young people of color in North Carolina. 

December 24, 2016: North Carolina A&T State University Choir Presents Annual Music Concert — We bring you a special treat this week - a show full of holiday music, performed by the North Carolina A&T State University Choir and conducted by Maestro Travis W. Alexander! Filmed at First Baptist Church in Greensboro, the Choir performed their annual Holiday Concert for Black Issues Forum!

December 18, 2016: A Maestro and His Chorus — BIF travels to Greensboro this week as we hang out with Maestro Travis W. Alexander and his amazing University Choir from North Carolina A&T State University. He and some of his students give us a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be in a group that has performed at the White House - twice! From First Baptist Church in Greensboro, we give you a look at the group's 2016 holiday concert!

December 11, 2016: Images of Black Dads in Life and Pictures — Too often, we see and hear negative depictions of black fathers and what their contributions are to their children's lives when the reality is far different from the perception of these men. Three NC artists and activists - Vanessa Brantley Newton, Blaine Way, and Glen Warren - discuss how positive images of black fathers are crucial in this time.

December 5, 2016: Close Encounters with The Law — If you were approached by the police in your car or on foot, would you know what to do to avoid unnecessary conflict?  Join us as we discuss the best strategies for handling an encounter with a law enforcement officer. Retired Durham Deputy Police Chief Beverly "B.J." Council, the founder of You and Five-O, and Ron Mangum, an educator and Employee Relations specialist, both sit down to help viewers understand what police officers and citizens alike can do to prevent unsafe situations from developing.

November 27, 2016: BIF Roundtable - Reflections on the Election  BIF takes on Election 2016 this week with a new series called  "The BIF Roundtable." We chat with three community and media leaders from North Carolina - Natalie Bullock Brown, Darrell Allison, and Brett Chambers - to analyze what happened with this presidential election and what is going to happen in the coming months and years as we move forward.

November 20, 2016: Black Wall Street Homecoming — A group of talented and brilliant people have started a movement in Durham, NC, called Black Wall Street Homecoming. Deborah went to this year's event to learn all about how the BWSH movers and shakers are taking the world of entrepreneurship by storm and opening up new opportunities for young people of color in North Carolina. 

November 13, 2016: NC Promise for HBCUs — NC Promise and the Connect NC bond are two huge developments from 2016's legislative procedures that are going to have big impacts on NC's HBCUs and those schools' students. Three HBCU leaders and Thomas Stith, the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Governor, sit down with Deborah to discuss what exactly will happen as Connect NC bonds are distributed and as NC Promise is implemented.

November 6, 2016: Building Up NC's Public HBCUs — The voter-approved Connect NC bond granted billions of dollars to state-sponsored institutions that were in need of repairs and updates, such as roads, state parks, and the UNC system. Deborah chats with Governor Pat McCrory, NCCU Acting Chancellor Dr. Johnson Akinleye, and NC A&T Administrator Robert Pompey about the Connect NC funds that will be used to specifically help NC HBCUs.

October 30, 2016: Securing Your Vote — Among the tensions that are pervasive in the 2016 election climate, voter advocacy groups are working around the clock to make sure that everyone has an unimpeded experience when they go to express their voice at the polls. Deborah chats with the League of Women Voters, Common Cause NC, and NCCU Prof. Irving Joyner to learn what steps people can take to protect themselves from voter intimidation.