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Black Issues Forum: 2700 Series (2011-2012)

The Douglas Block: A Historical Preservation Success Story (Episode # 2701) / Air Date 10/2/2011: A once a thriving African American business district in the 1900's now stands to benefit an entire community. A section of Rocky Mount's downtown area once bustled with black business and society, but declined with integration. Now a multimillion dollar face lift has made this area called the Douglas Block the heart of the town's economy. City leaders tell the story.

Building Better Charter Schools (Episode # 2702) / Air Date 10/9/2011:
The North Carolina General Assembly lifted a cap on the number of charter schools in the state. Now, a private organization has launched a statewide campaign to improve the success of minority-led schools. Find out what parents should know before they consider charter schools with host Deborah Holt-Noel as she talks to guests Darrell Allison, President of Parents of Educational Freedom in North Carolina, Rodney Ellis, Vice President of North Carolina Association of Educators, and Simon Johnson, Chief Executive Office of Quality Education Academy in Winston Salem.

Voters Decide on Transit Referendum (Episode # 2703) / Air Date 10/16/2011:
Guests from the North Carolina Board of Transportation and Durham County Republican Party discuss the pros and cons of a proposed half cent sales tax that would fund capital improvements and development for the region's mass transit system.

Mike Wiley: Creating Theatre from the Past (Episode # R-2609) 10/23/2011:
History is often preserved through books, filmmaking, and oral storytelling, but one talented North Carolinians is securing its remembrance through the art of drama and educational theatre. Meet actor and playwright Mike Wiley and see how this Thespian transforms America's racial history into compelling, dramatic works using a combination of stage performance and multimedia elements.

Pretty In Pink (Episode # 2705) 10/30/2011:
A diagnosis of breast cancer is like a death sentence for those who cannot afford treatment. But a local organization is providing a light at the end of the tunnel for many who thought they had only a hope and a prayer. Find out how the Pretty in Pink Foundation is answering prayers and giving hope.

The Flip Side of Service (Episode # 2706) 11/6/2011:
Veterans Day honors those who served during wartimes; but often on the flip side of serving is mental illness, lack of benefits, and homelessness. Find out how NABVET and Veterans Helping Veterans is helping vets recover their dignity.

Empowering Force of Feminist Teaching (Episode # 2707) 11/13/2011:
Often praised for their strength, many black women nonetheless suffer lives of victimization and oppression. Author and black feminist activist Dr. Alexis P. Gumbs uses black feminist thought in her intergenerational self-empowerment workshops. Hear her strategy.

Financial Advice for Today (Episode #2708) 11/20/2011:
Financial consultants Lori Jones Gibbs of YES Enterprises and Andrea Harris and Iman-N-Lah Rasheed of the North Carolina Institute of Minority and Economic Development discuss student loan repayment, saving, wealth building, and affordability of health care insurance in today's economy.

Racial Justice Act Challenged (Episode #2709) 11/27/2011:
In August of 2009 the State Legislature passed the Racial Justice Act to address a reported history of discrimination in capital cases. But the NC Conference of District Attorneys wants the law repealed. The mother of a murdered teenager, an innocent man wrongly incarcerated for murder, and legal experts share their views on the strengths and weaknesses of the Racial Justice Act.

The Race Project (Episode #2704) 12/18/2011:
We often have conversations about the social matter of race. But an award-winning exhibit now on display at the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science in Durham takes into account the science of race. Experts in psychology and anthropology discuss the meaning of race and how to talk about it.

Treasures of Black History: St. Philips Church (Episode #2710) 1/8/2012:
Winston-Salem is home to the oldest African American church still standing in the state of North Carolina, and this year it celebrates it's 150th anniversary. Staff from the Old Salem Museums and Gardens talk about St. Philips African Moravian Church and upcoming family events.

Sweet Potatoes Sweet Success (Episode #2711) 1/15/2012:
There are hundreds of cookbooks out there, but only one has the recipes of dishes that have been savored at Sweet Potatoes Well Shut My Mouth A restaurant in Winston Salem. The cookbook's author Stephanie Tyson and restaurant co-owner Vivian Joiner talk about the road to success.

Charles the Chef (Episode #2712) 1/22/2012:
Roosevelt Pitt and Mshindo Kuumba, Co-creators of the storybook character Charles the Chef, talk about how parents can use the cartoon as a tool to communicate a message of healthy eating. They also discuss the importance of black heroes in comics and other educational tools provided through the Charles the Chef enterprise.

FSU: Outstanding in Performing Arts (Episode #2713) 1/29/2012:

The Human Cost of Corporate Greed  (Episode #2714) 2/5/2012:

Branford Marsalis: Master Musician (Episode #2715) 4/1/2012: