Bob Timberlake

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Shannon Vickery interviews Lexington native Bob Timberlake in the latest edition of UNC-TV's unique Biographical Conversations first person documentary series.

If there truly is an indescribable joy to creation, Bob Timberlake might be the happiest man alive. While in high school, he spent thousands of hours carving an intricately detailed wood bureau, and won a national prize. Years later, he’d come home from his job and paint into the night. Then, Andrew Wyeth told him he had the talent to make a living as an artist. So Timberlake put brush to canvas fulltime. He painted the lush beauty of nature. The warm comforts of home. The simple pleasures of everyday life. His paintings delighted audiences. But Timberlake had more to create. He turned to furniture, and designed a line that became one of the most successful in the world. But Timberlake is an American and North Carolinian first.

Resisting demands to outsource, he has ensured that his furniture remain a product of his hometown, where he still lives. Family man, businessman, artist and creator, he has never had to look further than his own backyard to find that indescribably joy.

"The Biographical Conversations series is an historic video legacy for the people of North Carolina. This series is a great service, providing compelling television programs for today and an invaluable archive for the future," says Shannon Vickery, program host and UNC-TV's Director of Production.

Biographical Conversations is supported by a grant from the A.J. Fletcher Foundation.

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