Bob Timberlake
Timeline 1781 - 2012

November 2, 1781: Woodrich Firitz and Valentine Leonhardt, ardent revolutionists, are shot and killed in what is now Davidson County, NC. Buried side by side, they are the respective great great great great grandparents of Kay Timberlake and her husband, Bob.

May 1903: Timberlake’s grandfather Edgar Timberlake arrives in Lexington, North Carolina. A year later he settles there with his wife, Dessie.

October 4, 1905: Timberlake’s father, Casper Hill Timberlake, is born

September 26, 1906: Timberlake’s mother, Ella Leonard Raper, is born.

September 1, 1925: Timberlake’s future parents, Casper Hill Timberlake and Ellie Leonard Raper, elope.

November 29, 1932: Casper Hill “Tim” Timberlake, Bob’s older brother, is born in Lexington.

January 22, 1932: Roberts Edgar “Bob” Timberlake is born in Lexington.

January 1942: Timberlake’s mother gives him an easel and paint set for his 10th birthday.

1947: Timberlake’s father stars new company called Piedmont Gas Service.

July 1952: Timberlake’s replication of 18th-century Pennsylvania Dutch dowry chest wins the Ford Motor Company national contest for high school industrial arts students.

Winter 1954: In the middle of his junior year of high school, Timberlake begins dating “the cutest girl at Lexington High,” one Kay Musgrave.

Spring 1955: Timberlake graduates from Lexington High School

Fall 1955: Timberlake begins his freshman year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

December 20, 1957: Bob Timberlake marries Kay Musgrave at First Methodist Church In Lexington.

1959: Timberlake graduates from UNC Chapel Hill, with a degree in industrial relations. The Timberlakes return to Lexington, where Bob joins the family business.

May 15, 1959: The Timberlakes welcome their first child, Robin Kelly Timberlake.

May 1960: The Timberlakes move into their new home in Lexington, where they still live today.

January 18, 1961: The Timberlakes welcome their second child, Roberts Edgar (Ed) Timberlake, Jr.

March 20, 1963: The Timberlakes welcome their third child, Daniel Lee Timberlake.

1965: Thumbing through Life Magazine one evening, Timberlake comes across an article and painting by Andrew Wyeth.

1968: Bob Timberlake meets Margaret Handy, Wyeth friend, family doctor, and sometime-art subject, at an art event in Chadds Ford, PA

1968: Following the Chadds Ford trip, Timberlake struggles with his job at the gas company, as well as his family, as painting/art becomes an obsession.

February 1969: Timberlake’s struggle culminates one evening at home. He ends up calling Margaret Hardy, and then Andrew Wyeth, who agrees to see his work.

February 11, 1969: In Pennsylvania, Timberlake shows his paintings to Andrew Wyeth, who tells him he has talent.

January 1, 1970: Timberlake becomes a full-time, professional painter.

1970: First exhibition of Timberlake’s work is held at the Gallery of Contemporary Art (now SECCA) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

January 1971: In New York City, Timberlake stops by Hammer Galleries. Minutes later, the gallery agrees to show his work.

April 4, 1973: Bob Timberlake has his first show at Hammer Galleries, one of New York City’s major art galleries.

August 1973: Timberlake moves to Riverwood, his new studio.

1974: TIMBERLAKE hires Hugh Morton, Jr., as his public relations manager.

April 1975: Timberlake’s second show at Hammer Galleries is also a sell-out.

April 1975: Roger Powers, president of Keep America Beautiful, who asks TIMBERLAKE to serve as Keep America Beautiful’s official artist. Timberlake and Iron Eyes Cody begin working together on this endeavor.

1976: Timberlake decide to publish a collection of his paintings. Hugh Morton Jr., Timberlake’s publicist, is able to get Charles Kuralt to write the text.

Fall 1977: Timberlake’s third show at the Hammer Galleries coincides with the publication of The Bob Timberlake Collection.

1978: Timberlake and Iron Eyes Cody are honored by President Jimmy Carter at the White House for their Keep America Beautiful campaign.

January 1979: Timberlake flies to London with Armand Hammer to meet Prince Charles.

Late Fall 1979: Timberlake’s second book, The World of Bob Timberlake, is released.

1979: Timberlake receives the North Carolina Public Servant of the Year Award.

Summer 1980: Timberlake becomes first southern artist to have a one-man show at the prestigious Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

1981: Timberlake and Iron Eyes Cody are honored by President Ronald Reagan at the White House for their Keep America Beautiful Campaign.

1985: Timberlake has a two-man shows with Andrew Wyeth at the Isetan Gallery of Art in Tokyo.

December 27, 1985: Timberlake’s mother, Ella Raper Timberlake, dies.

Spring 1986: The Timberlakes become grandparents. They have a total of seven.

1988: Timberlake designs stamp commemorating 200 years of statehood for SC, which comes out that year, and stamp commemorating 200 years of statehood for NC, which comes out in 1989.

1989: Timberlake is awarded the only Albert Schweitzer Medal ever given to an artist.

1989: Timberlake is honored with the Shingleton Award for his support of the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center.

September 1989: Timberlake moves from Riverwood to his new studio, Linwood.

Fall 1989: After visiting his studio, Jeff Young of Lexington Furniture International tells Timberlake, “We’ve got to do something.”

January 1990: Lexington Furniture International moves forward with a new Bob Timberlake line.

October 1990: The International Home Furnishing Market opens, and the “World of Bob Timberlake” furniture collection has its premiere. During its first year of sales, the collection grosses more than $30 million.

1992: Dan Timberlake hired as his father’s company’s attorney/counsel.

1992: LFI brings out second line of “World of Bob Timberlake” furniture.

1993: Timberlake designs bicentennial postcard for UNC-Chapel Hill.

July 9, 1996: Timberlake’s father dies at age ninety.

1997: Bob Timberlake opens a new 15,000 square foot retail facility, The Bob Timberlake Gallery in his hometown of Lexington, North Carolina.

1999: Sales for “World of Bob Timberlake” reach $100 million.

December 1999: Timberlake has his eighth (and last to date) show at Hammer Gallery.

April 2000: Lexington is purchased by Sun Capital Partners Inc., a venture-capitalist firm

October 2003: in the face of an economic climate that increasingly shifts manufacturing oversees, Timberlake takes a stand against Lexington Home Brands, and signs a petition filed by the US International Trade commission that, if successful, will raise tariffs between 20 and 40 percent.

July 2008: N.C. Board of Transportation passes a resolution dedicating a 4.8-mile section of I-85 from U.S. 64 to N.C. 8 as the Bob Timberlake Freeway.

December 2010: Bob Timberlake Inc signs new licensing agreement with Century Furniture

January 22, 2012: Bob Timberlake celebrates his 75th birthday.