General Hugh Shelton

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Episode 1: Becoming a Soldier - Episode 2: Tours of Vietnam - Episode 3: General in Command 

Episode 4: Chairman of the Chiefs

Shannon Vickery interviews North Carolina native Henry Hugh Shelton in another edition of UNC-TV's unique Biographical Conversations first person documentary series, which premiered in January 2013.

He has witnessed war as only a soldier who has lived it can. The humid jungles of Vietnam. The arid inferno of the Persian Gulf. And, on one unforgettable day, the flames and ashes of terrorism in his own nation. Henry Hugh Shelton, born in Edgecombe County less than a month after Pearl Harbor, learned the importance of hard work and discipline on the family farm. The value of camaraderie as an advanced ROTC and Pershing Rifles member at North Carolina State. And the gift of lasting love through his courtship and lasting marriage to Carolyn Johnson Shelton. The future four-star general served two courageous Vietnam tours as a Green Beret, and then moved with his growing family more than 30 times in an illustrious military career with numerous culminations: Leading the brilliant ground campaign in the first Gulf War. Heading the successful transfer of power to the legitimate president in Haiti. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs for two presidents, General Shelton designed successful operations to advance freedom in Europe, to diminish weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. And on September 11, 2001, he provided a shattered nation with words of truth and wisdom. General Shelton left public service six weeks later, and then faced a daunting challenge when a serious accident left him paralyzed. Nine weeks later he walked again—a personal triumph for the dedicated husband and father; a life-long soldier of the highest rank.

"The Biographical Conversations series is an historic video legacy for the people of North Carolina. This series is a great service, providing compelling television programs for today and an invaluable archive for the future," says Shannon Vickery, program host and UNC-TV's Director of Production.

Biographical Conversations is supported by a grant from the A.J. Fletcher Foundation.

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