Part 1 Timeline: 1939-1966

General Hugh Shelton
Part 1 Timeline: 1939-1966

January 1939: The parents of the future four-star general, Hugh Shelton and Sarah “Patsy” Laughlin, marry.

January 2, 1942:  Henry Hugh Shelton is born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.

1957: Hugh Shelton begins dating fellow high school student Carolyn Johnson.

Spring 1959: General Shelton graduates from North Edgecombe High School in Leggett, NC.

Fall 1959: Enrolls at NC State.

1959-1961: Participates in mandatory (for all able-bodied males) ROTC training.

Spring 1961: Finishing basic ROTC training, decides to continue to advanced ROTC.

Summer 1961: Goes to ROTC training camp in Fort Bragg, gets first real look at elite army troops.
May 1963: Ordered to Infantry Officer Basic Course, Fort Benning, GA.

Spring 1963: Hugh Shelton interviews for, receives position at Riegel Textile Corporation. Riegel says will wait for him to complete his two more years of training.

June 1, 1963: Graduates from NC State. That same day, takes commissioning oath with several hundred other new second lieutenants.

September 1963: Hugh Shelton becomes a fully qualified second lieutenant of infantry in the army of the United States.

September 15, 1963: Henry Hugh Shelton marries Carolyn Johnson at Speed Baptist Church in Speed, North Carolina.

Early 1964: After completing Ranger School, Hugh Shelton is assigned as scout platoon leader of the first battalion, 38th infantry regiment of the 2nd infantry division.

Summer 1965: After finishing infantry training, Shelton completes his two years of mandatory military service.

Fall 1965: Begins Riegel’s nine-month management training program course in Ware Shoals, SC.

Early 1966: Despite joining Army Reserves, Lt. Shelton misses the army terribly and has strong urge to serve in Vietnam. He decides to reenlist. 

Fall 1966: Lt. Shelton reports to Fort Bragg for training.

Late Fall 1966: The Sheltons’ first son, Jonathan Hugh Shelton, is born.

Late Fall 1966: Lt. Shelton graduates from Special Forces Training and becomes a Green Beret.

December 30, 1966: Lt. Shelton’s first Vietnam tour begins.