Part 3 Timeline: 1970-1994

General Hugh Shelton
Part 3 Timeline: 1970-1994

May 1970: Begins Infantry Officer Advanced Course, Fort Benning, GA

December 1970: Captain Shelton is selected to attend a highly specialized “Prefix Five” course that taught the intricacies of tactical nuclear-weapon target selection.

1971: The Sheltons move to Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Captain Shelton serves as Ranger Instructor, Third Phase.

August 1972: The Sheltons move to Montgomery, Alabama. Captain Shelton attends Air Force Command and Staff College.

Summer 1973: The Sheltons move to Hawaii. Captain Shelton is assigned to 2nd Brigade of 25th Infantry Division.

March 1974: Captain Shelton is officially promoted to Major.

June 1977: The Sheltons move to Washington, DC. Major Shelton reports to new job as professional development officer at the Military Personnel Center.

Late 1977: Major Shelton is promoted to Lt Colonel.

May 30, 1978: The Sheltons welcome their third son, Mark Phillip Shelton. 

Summer 1979: The Sheltons move to Washington State. Lt. Colonel Shelton reports to 9th Infantry Division, Fort Lewis, WA.

Fall 1982: The Sheltons return to Washington, DC. Lt. Colonel Shelton attends National War College.

1983: Lt. Colonel Shelton is promoted to Colonel.

October 1983: The Sheltons move to North Carolina. Colonel Shelton assigned as brigade commander to 82nd Airborne in Fort Bragg.
September 1985: The Sheltons move to upstate New York. Colonel Shelton assigned as division Chief of Staff at Fort Drum, NY.

1987: Colonel Shelton is promoted to Brigadier General.

July 1987: The Sheltons return to Washington, DC. General Shelton serves as Deputy Director of Operations (J3) at National Military Command Center.

June 1988: General Shelton serves as Director Of Current Operations for The Joint Staff (J33).

July 1989: The Sheltons move to Kentucky. General Shelton serves as Assistant Commander of 101st Airborne in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

August 2, 1990: Saddam Hussein orders Iraqi troops to invade Kuwait with intention of annexing the country.

August 17, 1990: General Shelton leaves for Saudi Arabia to select and secure location for base camp.

January 16, 1991: Gulf War begins.

February 24, 1991: Led by General Shelton, the Gulf War ground attack begins. 

February 27, 1991: President George H.W. Bush orders cease-fire after Iraq surrenders, Gulf War ends.

October 1, 1991: The Sheltons return to North Carolina. General Shelton receives 2nd Star, assumes command of 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg.

May 1993: General Shelton receives 3rd Star, assumes command of XVIII Airborne Corps.

October 1994: General Shelton leads peaceful US military occupation that forces leaders of Haitian military coup from power and restores legitimate president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. 

December 1994: President Clinton presents General Shelton with US Army Distinguished Service Medal.