James Holshouser

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Episode 1: Early Life and Political Career - Episode 2: Governor of North Carolina 

Episode 3: The UNC Board of Governors

Motivated by an interest in reforming the state’s judicial nomination system, James Holshouser, Jr. began his political career as a North Carolina Legislator in 1962. A decade later, Holshouser became the state’s first Republican governor since the turn of the century.  While at the helm, Holshouser fostered local progress during a national recession, establishing a system of rural health clinics, expanding the public parks system and playing an instrumental role in the restructuring of the state’s higher education system.

In Biographical Conversation with James Holshouser, Jr., the former governor shares candid recollections of his childhood in the North Carolina and early service in the state legislature, to later reminiscences of his term as our state’s first Republican governor in the 20th century. In three episodes, entitled "Early Life & Political Career," "Governor of North Carolina," and "The UNC Board of Governor," the series explores the life and times of one of North Carolina’s most influential public servants.

Biographical Conversations is supported by a grant from the A.J. Fletcher Foundation.

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