Jesse Helms

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Episode 1: Early Life and Reporting - Episode 2: The U.S. Senate - Episode 3: Personal and Political Views 

"No American politician is more controversial, beloved in some quarters and hated in others, than Jesse Helms," wrote The Almanac of American Politics as the conservative North Carolina Republican neared the end of his 30-year U.S. Senate career.

In Biographical Conversations with Jesse Helms, this political legend reminisces about his humble upbringing in Monroe, N.C., his career as an outspoken print and television editorialist, and his five controversial terms in the U.S. Senate. In three episodes, entitled ‘”Early Life and Reporting," "The U.S. Senate," and “Personal and Political Views," the series captures the life and legacy of one of the country's most controversial leaders.

Biographical Conversations is supported by a grant from the A.J. Fletcher Foundation.

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