John Medlin

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Episode 1: The Boy from Johnston County - Episode 2: Sure and Steady - Episode 3: The Wachovia Way

Shannon Vickery interviews Johnston County native John Medlin in the latest edition of UNC-TV's unique Biographical Conversations first person documentary series.

In the three-part Biographical Conversations with John Medlin, learn about one of our state’s great industry leaders. In October 2011, Medlin sat down with UNC-TV's Shannon Vickery and discussed growing up on his family’s Depression-era farm near Benson, excelling at high school and UNC Chapel Hill, marrying Pauline Simms and raising a family, serving in the U.S. Navy, and dedicating more than 30 years to Wachovia - including 19 as President and CEO. During his time at the helm, Medlin’s steady, smart leadership earned the trust of customers and peers as he guided Wachovia to recognition as the nation’s most financially stable bank, with assets in excess of $30 billion, by his retirement at the end of 1993. Don't miss this engaging look at an extraordinary North Carolinian.

"The Biographical Conversations series is an historic video legacy for the people of North Carolina. This series is a great service, providing compelling television programs for today and an invaluable archive for the future," says Shannon Vickery, program host and UNC-TV's Director of Production.

Biographical Conversations is supported by a grant from the A.J. Fletcher Foundation.

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