Ruth Easterling

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Episode 1: Childhood to City Council - Episode 2: Election to the House of Representatives 

Episode 3: The House of Representatives to the Present

Ruth Moss Easterling’s 13 terms as a Democratic member of the North Carolina House of Representatives and unwavering defense of such educational initiatives such as Smart Start made her well-known and well-respected in the legislature and throughout the state.

In Biographical Conversation with Ruth Easterling, the local leader shares memories of everything from her unexpected appointment to the Charlotte City Council early in her life to later reminiscences of becoming the first female co-chair of the North Carolina House Appropriations Committee. In three episodes, entitled "Childhood to City Council," "Election to the NC House," and "NC House to the Present," the series reveals the history and heritage of one of North Carolina’s most influential women.

Biographical Conversations is supported by a grant from the A.J. Fletcher Foundation.

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