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In this ongoing interview series, UNC-TV's Shannon Vickery provides one-on-one biographical conversations with the Tar Heel State's most influential and important figures.

Program Description
North Carolina is a state rich in history and tradition. And over the decades and centuries since its inception, the state has produced artists, writers, politicians and athletes that have erupted onto the national scene. UNC-TV captures the biographical reminiscences of these extraordinary North Carolinians whose impact and vision have earned them national prominence and a place in history. These one-on-one conversations provide a rare and revealing look at storied North Carolinians, offering unfiltered conversations with exceptional individuals telling their life stories. The series pairs rare vintage and contemporary photographs with these revealing interviews to help viewers visualize the people, places and events that defined the times of these treasured Tar Heels.

A.J. Fletcher FoundationBiographical Conversations with... is an ongoing original production of UNC-TV and is funded by a generous grant from the A.J. Fletcher Foundation. The mission of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation is to support nonprofit organizations in their endeavors to enrich the lives and well-being of people in North Carolina. To achieve this, AJF partners with nonprofit organizations that recognize and solve social and civic problems and provides resources to advance big, bold ideas.