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Biz Kid$: How Much Is A Million

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Biz Kid$ is a television series designed to entertain and teach children how to make and manage money, while inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

Each season will contain 13 standards-based episodes that provide upper-elementary and lower-middle grades students with the knowledge and tools to succeed in a global economy. The series demonstrates the importance of planning, goal-setting, risk-taking, and thoughtful decision-making within the context of financial decisions. The series also encourages the skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

Using Biz Kid$ in the classroom is as easy as 1-2-3.  The curricular materials associated with Biz Kid$ build upon the lessons gained through the content of each television episode. Lesson plans include topics such as money basics, financial planning, personal finances, credit and debt, starting a business, and much more. Five of the Biz Kid$ lesson plans are available in Spanish and English. Episodes and lesson plans can be used on their own, or in combination with existing classroom curriculum.  It’s not hard to teach your students about money and business so go on and turn them into Biz Kid$. 

Read: How Much is a Million?

Today’s pre-viewing question:

  • What would you do with a million dollars?
  • You could also think of it as ten bundles of one hundred thousand dollars…Really, how would you use that money?
  • There are so many things to consider…

Today’s episode of BIZ KID$ titled What Can You Do With Money? will present options of spending, saving, investing, and donating money. You will see how some Biz Kids set financial goals, and the steps they took to reach those goals. As we watch the program together, think about what your choices might include.

View:  Episode 104 clip


  • Separate students into groups, adjusting the number of people in each group as needed. Four students per group are ideal. Each group needs to select a recorder to write the ideas on paper, and a member to present the ideas to the audience.
  • Give each group a large piece of construction paper or chart paper and a marker pen.
  • Have the recorder fold the paper into fourths, labeling one area “Save”, another “Spend”, another “Invest”, and the final area is “Donate Demonstrate how to label their papers using a blank transparency on the overhead projector as a visual model for students to follow.
  • Allow students time to discuss their ideas on how to use a million dollars. Tell them not to start writing ideas on paper until everyone in the group has had a chance to share their ideas, and has listened to the other members’ ideas.
  • After five minutes, ask them to begin recording their thoughts. Remind them that all appropriate ideas are accepted equally, as you never know whose idea will be a winner!

Following participation in the program, students will be able to:

  • Make financial decisions by systematically considering alternatives and consequences.
  • Communicate effectively about financial issues.
  • Explain the role money plays in achieving lifelong personal goals.
  • Effectively manage personal and business-related finances.
  • Develop and actualize an entrepreneurial venture

For each episode of Biz Kid$, resources are available for classroom teachers and volunteers to share with students. Each session suggests the use of a Viewing Guide, a Guide for Volunteers and Teachers, and ancillary activity materials.

Production of the television program and educational outreach funding is generously provided to Biz Kid$ by a coalition of America’s Credit Unions.

This one-hour workshop will introduce educators to the program and available resources.  An entrepreneurial workbook is provided.

This workshop equates to 1 CHC or .1 CEU.  All teachers seeking CEU credit for this and any other ETI workshop, must have this pre-approved.

PBS Ready To Learn is supported by a cooperative agreement from the U. S. Department of Education, PR/Award Number R295A00002.