Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder

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In the series Bob the Builder children 'Watch Along & Build Along' as Bob and the team build a whole new town from the ground up.

"Can we build it? Yes we can!"

That's the rallying call that Bob the Builder uses to fire up his teams' "can-do" spirit and kick-off the job in each episode. From building sheds to resurfacing roads, Bob, Wendy and their can-do crew-Scoop the digger, Muck the digger/dump truck, Lofty the mobile crane, Scrambler, the off road vehicle, Roley the steamroller, Dizzy the cement mixer-help keep Bobsville in working order. No matter the obstacle, the team always gets the job done-from start to completion-and takes pride in their work and the great results they accomplish together!

When they're not working, Bob the Builder and his team are back in his building yard, pursuing their interests-like rock-n-roll, ball playing and pranks-or playing with Pilchard the cat.

Every episode finishes with a job well done and a lesson learned about the value of a positive attitude, problem solving and teamwork while always demonstrating that the fun is getting the job done.

Educational Components

  • Bob and his friends emphasize the concept of teamwork.
  • There is a strong message that teaches children about the work ethic-there is a job to do; with hard work it must be completed by the end of the show.
  • Wendy (gender equity) is Bob's business partner and good friend-the show portrays Wendy in a positive light in terms of responsibility and equal partnership in a construction company (non-traditional employment).
  • Each episode involves problem solving with team members working together to decide the best method to solve a problem.
  • Subtle message that a project started should be taken to completion.
  • There is a positive message about the construction industry and preliminary information on career opportunities.
  • There are many opportunities for children to explore color recognition.
  • Bob, Wendy and the machines use mathematical skills such as patterning, sequencing, counting and following directions.
  • The program slogan "Can we build it?  Yes we can!"

The Ready To Learn Read-View-Do Learning Triangle model is followed.


  • I Can by Helen Oxenbury (Board book depicts children engaging in everyday activities.
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker by Paul Galdone (Classic tale shows elves working together.)
  • Scoop Saves the Day by Diane Redmond (Scoop rescues Pilchard.)
  • The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone (Hard-working hen makes bread alone.)

View: Bob The Builder Episode 201 "Bob's Big Plan"

Bob begins his biggest project yet-building a whole new town.

Do: 3-4 Year Olds

Am I Special?  Yes I Am!  Each child can make a book identifying ways in which he or she is special.  For example: One page draw a picture of the child, another a favorite toy, another a drawing of child's family, something the child is good at doing or has fun doing, etc.  If you have a group of children, the children can share their books and discuss what makes them special.

5-7 Year Olds

1. Create a bowling game with recycle plastic soda bottles all the same size.  Discuss: "Roley's Rock n' Roll!"

2. Create a wall mural using markers, crayon or paints on one large piece of paper.  Each child is a member of the team contributing to the project.  Hang Wendy's Magnificent Mural in a place for all to see.

This 2-hour character education workshop is available for parents, teachers, and child care providers.
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