Bye Bye Paper Textbooks, Hello Tablets?

Three bills easily sailed through the North Carolina House of Representatives this week.  All three are linked in that they'll gauge, promote and switch public schools away from the "paper model" of textbooks and teaching towards a digital learning environment.  Several representatives are on board, including large amounts of both Democrats and Republicans.  The bills are being "run" or led by Union County (NC) Republican Representative Craig Horn.  He proved to be a great salesman for his legislation, with passed the House without much more scrutiny than a few reminders that the state will need to ultimately pay for any computer or tablet purchases.  Another note to this bill should it become law after passing the Senate is public school teachers will be guaranteed professional development courses if their local school system (called LEA in the General Assembly) goes "digital" towards the end of this decade.

Here's my brief interview with Rep. Craig Horn (R-Union):