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CaillouBased on the popular children's books by Canadian author Hélène Desputeaux, this series follows the adventures of the lovable Caillou. Each of Caillou's mini-adventures revolves around a major issue in his life, such as making new friends, visiting the doctor, and going to daycare for the first time. Caillou deals with these problems as only he can with one part baby logic and one part imagination. With every step and every adventure, he furthers his emotional development.

This wide-eyed four-year-old learns about life - one adventure at a time! The foundation for each episode is the four animated stories totaling about 16 minutes. Each of these stories relates to a theme of the day. The themes include growing up, sibling relations, and making and keeping friends, taking care of pets, feeling sick and so on, all subjects that preschoolers discover, try, learn or do every day. Caillou helps children sort out their world as he sorts out his own.

Workshops for Parents and Caregivers

The goal of these workshops is to help parents and caregivers of 2 to 6 year olds use the Caillou series and activities as springboards to discussions with their children. Topics include growing up, sibling relations, making and keeping friends, taking care of pets, feeling sick and so on. Each workshop gives participants the opportunity to discuss the topic with other parents, view a related Caillou clip and try out activities.
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