Challenging Behaviors: Where Do We Begin?

Challenging Behaviors: Where Do We Begin?

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Challenging Behaviors is designed as an introductory training workshop to help educators understand more about challenging behaviors in young children, address the strong feelings this behavior may evoke in the educators themselves, and implement changes in their approaches which can support young children's growth in self-regulation and appropriate behavior.

There is much more to learn about the factors that make some children susceptible to exhibiting challenging behaviors than can be covered in any workshop. However, beginning to identify some of the factors that make these children susceptible will allow teachers to become less effected by these stressors.  Some children will always remain a mystery, but gaining an understanding of what is we can identify will help provide strategies for instruction.

Overall Goal:  To help teachers gain a positive and optimistic perspective that will allow them to try again with these children.

The major goals of this two-hour workshop are:

  • Participants will learn more about behaviors that we call “challenging.”
  • Participants will begin to see the “challenging” child in a new way.
  • Participants will learn how to support self-regulation in children through a variety of strategies.

This interactive workshop includes both in depth activities and powerful, real life video clips that depict challenging situations that might occur in the classroom.

Materials for this two-hour workshop will include handouts of the hands-on activities as well as resources that educators can use later in the classroom

Challenging Behaviors Workshop Outline

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Challenging Behaviors
  • Definitions and Examples
  • Seeing the Child in a New Way
  • The Power of Relationships
  • Understanding the Child’s Behavior
  • Supporting Self-Regulation
  • Where To Get Help
  • Closure.

Time:  Two hours, CHC’s available, Request CEU pre-approval from your District, Certificate Provided

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