UNC-TV and PBS Channels on Time Warner Cable

Beginning in March 2014, Time Warner Cable is changing the numbers assigned to its digital channels – all the channels above number 100 are changing. So if you watch us on Time Warner Cable, here’s where ALL four of UNC-TV’s digital channels in North Carolina will be found:

  • UNC-TV: Channel 1221 (our flagship channel)Time Warner Cable Digital Channel Change
  • ROOTLE: Channel 1275 (UNC-TV's Kids Channel)
  • The NC Channel: Channel 1276 (The North Carolina Channel)
  • UNC-EX: Channel 1277 (The Explorer Channel)

In fact, anywhere you go in America, channel 1221 will be the home of PBS on Time Warner Cable! How convenient! It’s the same life-changing television on brand new Time Warner channels. We’ll see you there!

If you have additional questions, please email us at or call 1-888-292-7070.

Click here to view our online schedule for all four channels of service.

UNC-TV: PBS and More for All North Carolina

UNC-TV: Television That Changes Lives

From adult-friendly finds on UNC-EX to the award-winning children's options on ROOTLE, UNC-TV's Kids Channel, and everything in between, UNC-TV's family of digital channels are available free, over-the-air without a monthly subscription fee to cable or satellite. With a digital television or set-top converter box and your antenna, you can watch our UNC-TV channels. Here are the channels that make up UNC-TV's Family of Program Services:

  • UNC-TV: UNC-TV offers all the programs you enjoy: NATURE, NOVA, North Carolina NOW and more, in high definition.
  • UNC-EX: UNC-EX The Explorer Channel exists to bring you the best in travel, culture, science, nature, history, and outdoor adventure programming. Explore your world with UNC-EX!
  • ROOTLE: ROOTLE, UNC-TV's Kids Channel offers non-stop access to PBS' award-winning children's programming.
  • The NC Channel: The North Carolina Channel focuses on civic affairs, issues, entertainment and educational programs relevant to North Carolina.