Living History

On September 28, 2002, UNC-TV presented a special opportunity for students, teachers and other adults and children to experience firsthand what they typically only read about. A Civil War Experience at Bennett Place included exhibits and demonstrations that replicated what life was like for North Carolinians during the Civil War.

Small boy dress as a confederate soldier...holding a flagCivil War historians and authors such as Freddie Kiger, Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr., and Mark Bradley shared stories about Civil War life based on their research. Some participants brought Civil War artifacts handed down through generations to be appraised.

In brief, the day's highlights included:

    Confederate and Union troops encampment
    On-site appraisals of Civil War artifacts
    Presentations on the arts, crafts, and cooking techniques of the Civil War
    Military and camp music from the 1860s
    Cannon and rifle firing demonstrations
    A fully-equipped field Surgical Hospital
    Cavalry encampment

Lectures and presentations on North Carolina's role in the Civil War included:

    Letters from the front lines
    Robert E. Lee's adoption of George Washington's war strategy
    Blockade runners
    The African-American experience
    The surrender at Bennett Place