Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog

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The animated series Clifford the Big Red Dog is based upon Norman Bridwell's popular series of children's books. The entire series geared toward 3 to 7 year olds portrays the friends on Birdwell Island dealing with one another in ways that strengthen their friendships through the tests of everyday life. Children viewing have the opportunity to evaluate the different ways to communicate and resolve problems among friends.

The series models 10 positive character traits known as Clifford's Big Ideas. The 10 big ideas include:

  • Be a Good Friend
  • Have Respect
  • Be Kind
  • Help Others
  • Be Responsible
  • Play Fair
  • Be Truthful
  • Share
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Work Together

Skill development in the nine areas identified by U. S. Department of Education on school readiness is woven throughout the Clifford the Big Red Dog television series.

Skill categories include:

  • Social and Emotional Skills
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Language and Literary Skills
  • Physical and Motor Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Science and Discovery Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Understanding and Appreciating Diversity
  • Music and Art Appreciation and Performance Skills

Workshops for Parents and Educators

Workshops include learning activities that are related to episodes of Scholastic's Clifford the Big Red Dog television show.

These activities reinforce the Big Idea behind the episode and also develop subject-area skills. The activities are fun and easy to do, and most are suitable for an individual child at home or for a group of children in a daycare center or classroom.

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