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AMS DataStreme
American Meteorological Society’s (AMS) DataStreme Ocean is a precollege teacher enhancement program of the AMS/NOAA Cooperative Program for Earth System Education (CPESE).

AMS DataStreme: Ocean Information
This AMS Web site provides information about DataStreme Ocean courses including Atmosphere/Ocean Interaction.

Bridge: "Data Tip of the Month" Archives
Bridge Data Tip archives feature their informative Data Tips (now categorized by subject). Search under the site's comprehensive list of topics for great classroom data activities.

Bridge: Online Data
The Bridge links to to numerous real-time data sets which can be incorporated into lesson plans (visit the Lesson Plan Collections page for other existing activities).

Carolinas Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction System (Caro-COOPS)
A Partnership Among the University of South Carolina, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, this website provides integrated coastal observations as they apply to research, societal, and economic needs.

Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program (CORMP)
Click on “Teacher Resources" for a host of data visualization tools for teachers and students, as well as
References for Science Educators.

NOAA National Data Buoy Center
Part of the National Weather Service (NWS), the NDBC designs, develops, operates, and maintains a network of data collecting buoys and coastal stations. NDBC's virtual tour will give you an overview of what NDBC does, the facilities, the atmospheric and oceanographic variables measured, and the use of these data.

Ocean World
The Ocean World team has gone all over the web and the world gathering information and smart scientists so we can now present you with the latest in oceanography information and topics! The informative Web site provides online data and information, inluding web links and resources devoted to ocean exploration.

Ocean World: Real Time Data
Looking for some real time data information on El Niño? What about expanding your knowledge of ocean currents? You've come to the right place! Ocean World has got it!

Southeast Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing System (SEACOOS)
Follow the “Community and Classroom” link to find the new flowing ocean virtual classroom, providing resources about ocean currents, circulation, and much, much more!