Carolina Outdoor Journal 

Carolina Outdoor Journal

  • Saturdays: 7:30 AM, on The Explorer Channel; 10 AM, on the North Carolina Channel; and 5 PM, on UNC-TV!
  • Sundays: 11 AM, on UNC-TV; 4 PM, on the North Carolina Channel
  • Wednesdays: 11 PM, on the North Carolina Channel 

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Every fall, UNC-TV's premier outdoor series Carolina Outdoor Journal ventures into an all-new season, traveling the length of the state—from the rugged mountain terrain to the coastal Gulf Stream—to reel in the tastiest fish, track the best game and explore the state's vast natural beauty. Produced and filmed in high definition, this UNC-TV favorite allows you to catch the great outdoors as never before.

Joe Albea and John Moore host every exciting episode of insightful outdoor segments. Join these North Carolina natives as they travel the state to share their in-depth knowledge and helpful fishing hints on Carolina Outdoor Journal.

Carolina Outdoor Journal still Each half-hour episode focuses on fishing, with an accompanying Gear Time segment outlining the latest and greatest equipment used in the field. A third segment, Simple Cooking, features home economist Donna Reynolds sharing delicious recipes for cooking the catch of the day.

And be sure to catch Carolina Outdoor Journal Classics for all the best from this long-running series!

      • Saturdays: 7 AM, on The Explorer Channel and the North Carolina Channel
      • Sundays: 4 PM, on the North Carolina Channel