Coming Out ~ Coming In: Faith, Identity and Belonging

Coming OutComing Out ~ Coming In: Faith, Identity and Belonging is a half-hour documentary that presents personal stories from gay and lesbian Christians who live and worship in North Carolina.

Produced and distributed by the Wildacres Leadership Initiative, the program gives voice to gay and lesbian Christians who have struggled to reconcile faith with sexual orientation. The interview subjects, all residents of North Carolina, take viewers beyond the current debate in churches about homosexuality to reveal the everyday efforts of faithful people.

“I think that before I could come out to anyone else I had to come out to God -- and that was probably one of the toughest things.”         

”In my daily conversations with God I would ask Him: ‘Is this okay with You that this is who I am?’ ”        

”I went to a church where there was still fire and brimstone type of sermons, but I needed the spiritual part so badly that I was willing to sit and hear some of that.”

The documentary is a collaborative project of the Wildacres Leadership Initiative, conceived and designed by four members of the William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations--Susan Acker-Walsh, Andy Baxter, Rev. Laurie Hays Coffman and Keith Martin--and produced by Minnow Media, a video production company based in Carrboro NC.  Recorded in Durham, Charlotte, and Salisbury, North Carolina, over the past two years, Coming Out ~ Coming In is offered as a vehicle to start new and meaningful conversations among people who do not always agree.

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