North Carolina Community Colleges

North Carolina Community CollegesThe "North Carolina Now" series highlights the various North Carolina Community Colleges, 58 terrific institutions creating success for North Carolinians. They create hope, opportunity and jobs for more than 800,000 students and for the communities in which they live and work.

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  1. Wake Tech Community College: As North Carolina's community college system prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2013, we begin a special series profiling the community colleges across the state. The system began small, but dreamed big. By 2009-2010 more than 800,000 students enrolled in classes. In this segment, Rick Sullivan brings us the story of Wake Tech Community College in Raleigh, the largest in the system. Original Air Date: 10/10/12.

  2. Central Carolina Community College: With 58-community colleges in North Carolina, the opportunities for acquiring GED's and post high school education at minimal cost, is within the grasp of students in every corner of the state. In this segment, Rick Sullivan takes look at Central Carolina Community College which serves communities along the southern edge of The Triangle. Original Air Date: 10/18/12.

  3. Sandhills Community College: In this segment, Rick Sullivan visits Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst. Original Air Date: 10/25/12.

  4. James Sprunt Community College: North Carolina community colleges provide education to hundreds of thousands of students each year, but another important part of their mission is to support economic development in their local communities. In the spirit of those directives, James Sprunt Community College in Duplin County is leaving no stone unturned, or more accurately put, no grape unpicked. Original Air Date: 11/1/12.

  5. Cape Fear Community College: Cape Fear Community College offers a mix of programs you might expect from a school at a coastal tourist destination. But, WHAT they are teaching some of these students, and the jobs they are finding, might surprise you. Original Air Date: 11/8/12.

  6. Fayetteville Tech Community College: In this segment, Rick Sullivan spends a few minutes with Dr. Larry Keen, president of Fayetteville Tech Community College--a school that serves a community unlike any other. Original Air Date: 11/15/12.

  7. Forsyth Tech Community College: Forsyth Tech Community College is a recognized-leader in motorsports & health technology training. Original Air Date: 11/21/12.

  8. Alamance Community College: With so much technology in our workplace there is a great need for skilled workers to keep their skills current and up to date. The same goes for students who are training to enter that workforce. At Alamance Community College in Graham, Rick Sullivan found two forward looking programs that are equipping students with the tools they need for the not so distant future. Original Air Date: 11/29/12.

  9. Robeson Community College: In 2012, the unemployment rate in Robeson County was 12.1 percent. That's a pretty tough number, but it's the lowest unemployment mark for the county since 2009. And Robeson is already one of the poorest counties in the state. Ironically, the economic downturn could be leading a new generation of local students, and workers in training, to higher places than ever before. Original Air Date: 12/6/12.

  10. Richmond Community College: The North Carolina Community College System is celebrating 50 years of service to our state. In observance of that milestone Rick Sullivan is traveling to each of the 58-schools within the system, to their story. This week, Rick visits Richmond Community College, headquartered in Hamlet. Original Air Date: 12/13/12.

  11. Wilkes Community College: The "Great Recession" has hurt many communities in North Carolina. But in Wilkes, Ashe, & Allegheny counties, it did more than harm to the furniture, textile & other local industries, it crippled some of them. Many jobs that went away, and will not be coming back. Enter Wilkes Community College, the school which services those counties, with a plan to tackle the joblessness. Original Air Date: 12/20/12.

  12. Edgecombe Community College: Few regions of the state have encountered the magnitude of the challenges Edgecombe Community College faces. The unemployment rate for the county in October 2012 was 13.8 percent. And nearly one in four people live below the poverty level. Those numbers add up to problems, which ECC is working hard to answer. Original Air Date: 1/3/13.

  13. Catawba Valley Community College: Our North Carolina Community College series of profiles continues with this segment as Rick Sullivan makes a stop at Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory, home to the state's largest simulated training hospital, and a one of a kind "manufacturing accelerator." Original Air Date: 1/10/13.

  14. Caldwell Community College: Rick Sullivan visits Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute. A school with a very solid grasp of its history, and the students, trustees and college presidents who've helped to make the school successful through five decades that have not always been easy. Original Air Date: 1/17/13.

  15. Nash Community College: In this segment, Rick Sullivan takes us to Nash Community College in Rocky Mount, a school with goes to great lengths, AND HEIGHTS, to educate and train it's students. Original Air Date: 1/24/13.

  16. Blue Ridge Community College: In this segment, Rick Sullivan visits Blue Ridge Community College in Flat Rock. A school that is successfully connecting the manufacturing industry to its workforce, and keeping a tight grip on environmental sustainability. Original Air Date: 1/31/13.

  17. Durham Tech Community College: NC's agricultural economy has reinvented itself over the past 50 years with the transformation from tobacco to other crops & means of sustainability, sending a shockwave to the city of Durham. As the cigarette industry in the Bull City was declining, the fundamental role of the local community college became ever more prominent. Rick Sullivan picks up the story of Durham Tech. Original Air Date: 2/7/13.

  18. Carteret Community College: In this segment, Rick visits Carteret Community College in Morehead City where the coastal environment plays a big role in shaping the people who reside here, and the programs that serve them best. Original Air Date: 2/14/13.

  19. Beaufort County Community College: Beaufort County Community College has the largest service area of ALL the 58 community colleges in our state. To drive from Ocracoke at one end of this community, to the campus in Little Washington, is over 4 hours! It's not an easy task to bring education and job training to this region. That's where Rick Sullivan picks up the story. Original Air Date: 2/21/13.

  20. AB Tech Community College: Go anywhere in NC and you won't find any other city quite like Asheville where there's architecture & arts, food & fun, and country or cosmopolitan culture, all in one place! That diversity of attractions and mindsets is reflected in the educational opportunities available at the local community college. Rick Sullivan continues his tour of the NC Community College System with a profile of AB Tech Community College. Original Air Date: 2/28/13.

  21. Wayne Community College: In this segment, Rick Sullivan takes us to Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, a school with a history that even pre-dates the system. Original Air Date: 3/7/13.

  22. Southwestern Community College: In this segment, Rick Sullivan visits Southwestern Community College with its main campus in Sylva, but a service area that reaches out to three different counties with a variety of important programs. Original Air Date: 3/14/13.

  23. Gaston College: There are few communities in North Carolina that ever had a more vibrant textile industry than the Gastonia area near Charlotte. And there were few who took a bigger hit from the off shoring of textile jobs. In this segment, Rick Sullivan visits Gaston College, a school helping its community to rise up after the loss of thousands of jobs. Original Air Date: 3/21/13.

  24. Central Piedmont Community College: In this segment, Rick visits one of the powerhouse community colleges in the NATION, Central Piedmont, in Mecklenburg County. Original Air Date: 3/28/13.

  25. Isothermal Community College: In this segment, Rick Sullivan visits Isothermal Community College… A school with a popular international business partner, and a different way of looking at its educational mission. Original Air Date: 4/4/13.

  26. Roanoke Chowan Community College: Our series of reports on North Carolina's Community Colleges continues with a look at Roanoke-Chowan Community College located in Ahoskie in the northeastern region of the state. Original Air Date: 4/11/13.

  27. Johnston Community College: Johnston Community College in Smithfield offers more than 40 occupational study programs & numerous continuing education courses. It is also the home of the NC Truck Driver Training School, the oldest truck driving training program in the country. Original Air Date: 4/18/13.

  28. Pamlico Community College: This year is the 50th anniversary of the North Carolina Community College System and in observance, North Carolina Now is profiling each of the 58 colleges in the system. Rick Sullivan visits the smallest of them all, Pamlico Community College in Grantsboro. But while the school might have the fewest students, there's nothing meager about the programs it offers. Original Air Date: 4/25/13.

  29. Davidson County Community College: Rick Sullivan takes a trip to Davidson County Community College, a school that represents a community which has lost thousands of jobs in recent years, but never lost its way. An energetic president, generous donors, and determination, have made the difference! Original Air Date: 5/2/13.

  30. Mitchell Community College: Rick Sullivan recently visited Mitchell Community College in Iredell County, its grounds, and its community. He came away pretty impressed at what's happening there. He says they're shooting for the stars! Original Air Date: 5/10/13.

  31. Mayland Community College: Our tour of the North Carolina Community College System, and its 58 colleges, makes a stop at Mayland Community College. If you're scratching your head to figure out where Mayland might be located, don't search the map for a Mayland County. You won't find one, and Rick Sullivan says this school takes its mission to serve THREE counties, very seriously. Original Air Date: 5/16/13.

  32. Stanly Community College: Rick Sullivan points his lens at Stanly Community College where networking know-how and technology have had a big impact, not just on the school, but to several other institutions in North Carolina and the southeastern region of the United States. Original Air Date: 5/23/13.

  33. McDowell Tech Community College: Rick Sullivan profiles McDowell Technical Community College in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. Original Air Date: 5/30/13.

  34. Haywood Community College: As North Carolina's community college system prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2013, we begin a special series profiling the community colleges across the state. The system began small, but dreamed big. By 2009-2010 more than 800,000 students enrolled in classes. Original Air Date: 6/6/13.

  35. Bladen Community College: Headquartered in Dublin, Bladen Community College serves about 1800 students a year in a county that spans about 900 square miles. With a rural population that spread out, it takes some creativity to help them achieve their goals. But that's a mission BCC's staff and faculty takes very seriously. Original Air Date: 6/13/13.

  36. Cleveland Community College: Cleveland Community College in Shelby is an institution that appreciates reduced consumption, and increased production, when it comes to training a local workforce. Rick Sullivan explains to us how the school is finding ways to do more training, for more people, using less energy resource than you might expect. Original Air Date: 6/20/13.

  37. Randolph Community College: Randolph Community College reminds our producer Rick Sullivan of his high school football coach from years ago. Rick says that coach drilled him with the fundamentals of blocking & tackling in much the same way the instructors & staff of Randolph Community College prepare their students for their futures in the workplace. Original Air Date: 6/27/13.

  38. Guilford Tech Community College: Founded in 1957, Guilford Technical Community College is one of the most comprehensive community colleges in the state. Producer Rick Sullivan says you'll find all of the basic studies at Guilford Tech, and a few that are hard to find anywhere else. Original Air Date: 7/11/13.

  39. Southeastern Community College: Students choose their college based on various factors. Back in 2004, President of Southeastern Community College, Dr. Kathy Matlock, made her choice to return to The System. She made a move to her present college for just about every reason she could factor. Original Air Date: 7/18/13.

  40. Montgomery Community College: We continue to observe the 50th anniversary of the creation of the NC Community College System with our series on each of the colleges. Some of them, like Montgomery Community College, offer programs not often found in other schools. Original Air Date: 7/25/13.

  41. Halifax Community College: A profile of Halifax Community College, in Weldon - where "learning comes to life." Original Air Date: 8/1/13.

  42. Lenoir Community College: For 50 years the NC community college system has been helping communities to help themselves. Sometimes that help can be pretty straightforward. Traditional programs that connect students to 4 year schools or gainful employment are available at all 58 schools. At Lenoir Community College, even some of the traditional programs are being enhanced by some not so traditional thinking & technology. Original Air Date: 8/8/13.

  43. Craven Community College: Over the past 50 years community colleges in NC have proven to be solid performers when it comes to jumpstarting students into 4 year colleges. They've also trained thousands of people for the workforce & sometimes even connected them directly to jobs & promotions that would not have otherwise been available to them. Craven is one community college that does not always fit into a traditional mold. Original Air Date: 8/15/13.

  44. Vance-Granville Community College: Community colleges serve a lot of people in a lot of ways. Vance-Granville Community College is a pretty good example, with a service area that runs from the northern suburbs of Research Triangle Park all the way to the Virginia line. To be successful VGCC has learned to connect with its community & strengthen its ties to local industry. Rick Sullivan takes a look at the forward-looking school. Original Air Date: 8/22/13.

  45. Pitt Community College: Community Colleges are back in session for the fall and the 50th anniversary year for the North Carolina Community College System - and things are ramping up for the home stretch of our year-long tour of the campuses. Rick Sullivan visits Pitt Community College, a school with a strong commitment to its students, and to the towering FOUR YEAR UNIVERSITY in its own backyard. Original Air Date: 8/29/13.

  46. Martin Community College: We continue our series on NC's community colleges with Martin Community College. There's a one of a kind community college in Williamston, and though it's a small school, certain folks are finding their way to Martin Community College from all across the region. Rick Sullivan takes a look at a "technology program" that has historical roots going back centuries. Original Air Date: 9/5/13.

  47. Wilson Community College: Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize the full impact a community college can have on its service area. North Carolina has 58 community colleges working within a thriving system that is celebrating its 50th year. Rick Sullivan visits Wilson Community College to shine a light on its important partnership with local industry - demonstrating the vital link between school & community. Original Air Date: 9/12/13.

  48. College of the Albemarle: As we mark the 50th anniversary of the NC Community College system, we feature one of the biggest "little" schools in the state. It's nowhere near the biggest in enrollment, but when it comes to the size of the territory represented, Rick Sullivan says the College of the Albemarle is unrivaled! Original Air Date: 9/19/13.

  49. Rockingham Community College: We continue our series on North Carolina's Community Colleges with a visit to Rockingham Community College. Original Air Date: 9/26/13.

  50. Surry Community College: Some of the most progressive college programs available are part of the curriculum at a North Carolina college located in a county where some once reliable industries have faltered. Surry Community College is our featured school as we continue our observance of the 50th anniversary of the North Carolina Community College System. Original Air Date: 10/3/13.

  51. South Piedmont Community College: Rick visits the newest of the 58-schools, South Piedmont Community College, created in 1999. But in this short time span the school has leveraged its potential with the help of some very strategic partnerships. Original Air Date: 10/10/13.

  52. Brunswick Community College: Brunswick Community College is a full service institution serving one of the prettiest stretches of land, and water, in North Carolina. Rick Sullivan takes us to the southeast corner of the state where this school is making a positive impact on the community it serves, thanks in large part to a very devoted group of philanthropists. Original Air Date: 10/17/13.

  53. Tri County Community College: North Carolina's smallest community colleges sometimes have BIG challenges in assisting folks in remote locations. That's why Tri County Community College has a main campus in Murphy as well as centers in Graham and Cherokee Counties. Reaching out to those communities is one thing. Bringing them all together is another. Rick Sullivan visits North Carolina's far west to see how it's done. Original Air Date: 10/24/13.

  54. Sampson Community College: We continue our series on NC 's community colleges with Sampson Community College. Original Air Date: 10/31/13.

  55. Western Piedmont Community College: Rick Sullivan takes us to the west, to the city of Morganton, and Burke County's longest standing source of higher education, Western Piedmont Community College. Original Air Date: 11/7/13.

  56. Rowan-Cabarrus Community College: Rick Sullivan takes us to the Central Piedmont region of the state to Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. RCCC has its North Campus in Salisbury, South Campus and the Cabarrus Business and Technology Center in Concord and the North Carolina Research Campus, Cloverleaf Center and R3 Center in Kannapolis. Original Air Date: 11/14/13.

  57. Piedmont Community College: Rick Sullivan travels north of the Triangle to Piedmont Community College, a school that recognizes its mission to develop a strong workforce and to promote economic development to its service area, but not without a serious dose of the arts and humanities! Original Air Date: 11/21/13.