The Cyberchase Movie

Catch The Cyberchase Movie on UNC-TV April 15, 2014 at 1:00 PM!

Click here to download a fun Cyberchase Lesson Plan: Cooking with the Sun!

Calling all Cyberfans!!! This past spring, just in time for Earth Day, UNC-TV aired the premiere of the first-ever one-hour Cyberchase special, "The Cyberchase Movie," which focuses on natural habitats and the impact of habitat loss.

Cyberchase Collection on PBS LearningMedia
Be sure to check out the “Math and the Environment” resources in the Cyberchase collection on PBS LearningMedia! This assortment of resources includes videos, student activities, games, handouts and much more! Students will learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle, examine keystone species, explore benefits of solar energy, and investigate how living things within an ecosystem depend upon each other. To access the resources, go to the Cyberchase collection on PBS LearningMedia and select “Math and the Environment.”

About Cyberchase
Cyberchase is an animated public television series and multimedia project designed to engage children ages 8 to 11 in the fun and challenge of math. Set in a fantastical cyberworld, Cyberchase will captivate millions of kids from all ethnic, economic, and educational backgrounds with dazzling animation, high-stakes adventure and humor.

The premise of the series: the dastardly fiend, Hacker, is on a mad mission to taker over cyberspace. Motherboard summons three appealing, multi-ethnic youngsters, Matt, Inez, and Jackie, into cyberspace. Their mission: defeat Hacker. Their only weapon: BRAIN POWER. The Cyberchase is on! Chasing the evil Hacker, the young heroes embark on exciting missions to cyber "sites" where they must use math and logic to escape.

Studies show that American children find math boring and irrelevant as early as fourth grade. Television, with its vast reach and appeal, has the potential to affect children's attitudes toward math in a positive way. Cyberchase is designed to encourage children to develop a "can-do" attitude toward math, increase their knowledge, involve them in problem solving, and inspire them to use computers and the Internet with confidence.

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