Danger Rangers

Danger Rangers

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The Danger Rangers is the first award-winning, animated television series whose cast of animal characters, action-adventure stories, comedy and catchy songs empower children to make better safety decisions. Ideally suited for boys and girls age three to eight, but enjoyed by kids of all ages, the NY EMMY nominated series captures children’s attention with vibrant colors and premium animation.

The highly rated Danger Rangers series entertains, educates and empowers children to make better, and sometimes even life saving, safety decisions. The Danger Rangers creative team has won more than 100 Emmy and Oscar awards and is led by Executive Producers Howard Kazanjian (Star Wars) and Larry Huber (Power Puff Girls).

To ensure that the educational messages are communicated effectively for children, Danger Rangers products are produced in association with Safe Kids Worldwide, a leading global network of health and safety experts, educators, corporations, foundations, governments and volunteers whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury through better education.

The acclaimed Danger Rangers series currently airs on ROOTLE, UNC-TV's Kids Channel!

Danger Rangers is the flagship brand of Charlotte, North Carolina based Educational Adventures LLC. With business and production offices in New York and Los Angeles, Educational Adventures is a multi-media edutainment company committed to the development, production and marketing of premium entertainment that entertains, educates, and empowers children in all areas of safety and well-being.

Educational Adventures established the Media for Family Foundation to support entertainment and educational awareness activities for minority and economically disadvantaged children who are 1.5 times more likely to suffer the negative effects of accidental injury. A recognized pioneer in cause-driven business development, Educational Adventures develops strategic campaigns with for-profit and not-for-profit entities to support childhood injury prevention and advance the partnering organization’s core mission.

Danger Rangers provides valuable safety information that children will understand so you can help your family to Think Safe, Play Safe & Be Safe…because Safety Rules!



  • The Dark Zone: Exploring the Secret World of Caves (Paperback)
  • by Stephen P. Kramer (Author), Rich Torrey (Illustrator)
  • Shadows of the Night:  The Hidden World of the Little Brown Bat by Barbara Bash

Danger Ranger Episode: Cave Save

After hearing tales of old-timer Diaz's mining adventures, some children decide to do a   little mining of their own and end up loosing their way. The Danger Rangers are off to the rescue finding the missing children and showing them that abandoned homes and dark caves are no place to play.

Cave Safety

  • Students will be able to:
  • State the first safety rules of cave exploration.
  • Discuss with children what they think a cave is.
  • Explain why it is so easy to get lost in caves.
  • Explain that cave entrances may be small and inconspicuous, even if the cave is very large.
  • Compare what happened in the story to what could happen in real life
  • Let the children use clay to make their own caves, perhaps go outside and collect small stones that could add to the look of the real cave.  If you time permits find other media resources to add to the experience.
  • If you know of a spelunker—person who explores caves—let them come speak to the children.  Make it a real experience.

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Workshops are available for both parents and teachers.

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