David Guy

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David Guy teaches writing in the Hart Leadership Program and the Masters of Public Policy Program at Duke University. He is also a contributing editor to Tricycle and the author of Autobiography of My Body and The Red Thread of Passion. In the frolicsome novel about Zen Buddhism, death and sexuality, entitled Jake Fades, he beautifully conveys the impermanence of life and the fragile bonds characterizing the spiritual teacher-student relationship, parenthood, friendship, and community.


  • Jake Fades: A Novel of Impermanence (2007)
  • The Red Thread of Passion (1999)
  • Autobiography of My Body (1995)

Excerpt: Jakes Fades

"But talking to Jake was like throwing stones into a well. A deep, still well where you never hit bottom. There was no judgment, no thinking. A helpful word now and then. Somehow, in that situation, the things you said stayed right in front of you. You saw them in a new way. The way he was seeing them. Clearly."

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