DISPLACED: Pillowtex and Beyond

The major employer in a three-county area, Pillowtex meant more to Kannapolis than just another textile plant. So when the owners announced that the huge plant, employing over 5,000 people, was suddenly closing its doors, it was the icing on a massive unemployment "cake" that had already claimed hundreds of thousands of jobs. The Pillowtex closing was one of the largest in a chain of plant closings and corporation layoffs that had begun at the end of the year 2000.

In response to the huge Pillowtex layoff and the news of further layoffs by other businesses, UNC-TV presents Displaced: Pillowtex and Beyond . This one-hour panel discussion addresses the questions most frequently asked by those who have lost jobs and examines the financial resources available to unemployed people and how to access them, how to take the next step to finding another job and the training opportunities available for other types of jobs.

In addition, volunteers from ESC, DHHS and the community colleges answered phone calls from viewers who had specific questions not addressed in the panel discussion. UNC-TV broadcasts Displaced: Pillowtex and Beyond as part of its commitment to community service.

The program also publicized contact information for other agencies and organizations in the state that provide services to the unemployed. 


North Carolina Now correspondent Christine Rogers leads a one-hour question-and-answer session with guests Harry Payne of the Employment Security Commission (ESC), Pheon Beal of the Department of Health and Human Services, David Hollars of Centralina Workforce Development, and Stephanie Deese, who directs Workforce Initiatives in the Community College System. Secretary Jim Fain of the Department of Commerce will discuss how the state plans to attract new jobs to North Carolina.


Employment Security Commission
phone 919-733-4329

Community Colleges
phone 919-733-7051

NC Social Services Division
phone 1-800-662-7030 (TTY/English/Espanol) 8am-5pm

Department of Insurance
phone 1-800-546-5664

NC Joblink Career Center
News about employment in North Carolina, links and more.

Centralina Works
(specific to Pillowtex)
Pillowtex Helpline 1-800-476-5021

(Health Ins. for Displaced Workers)

University of North Carolina

NC Small Business and Technology Development Center

Division of Medical Assistance
Contains information about Medicaid and Health Choice.