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Outreach at UNC-TV is designed to extend the impact of our programming by making resources accessible through partnerships and serving targeted communities. It is a service to the community that provides meaningful dialogue, educational resources and community building through communication and training. UNC-TV uses provocative and forward looking television programming about diversity to generate productive discussion among key community leaders.

UNC-TV's Current Outreach Projects

  • Get Ready, Get Set, Get Back to School - Annually, UNC-TV partners with educational agencies to celebrate the major milestone of starting school and promoting kindergarten readiness with back to school events. Some of the events include: Countdown to Kindergarten Welcome Fair Event held at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham;  Kickoff to Kindergarten Celebration held at Marbles Kids Museum; and the Wilson County Back to School Fair held in Wilson, NC. During these events, kids participate in purposeful play to become familiar with the routines, materials and expectations of kindergarten, while parents receive valuable information and resources from the many community partners. Experts in nutrition, education, healthy living, media literacy, and more will be at each event to answer questions for parents and provide age-appropriate activities for kindergartners.
  • Helping Children Get Ready For School with Free Books Donated by Carlson-Dellosa Publishing - UNC-TV provides free PBS KIDS resources on-air, on digital platforms and in our community to help bridge the summer learning gap and prepare children for school. We are proud to announce the distribution of free early-learning Math and Language Arts books to 750 children in Durham and Wilson, NC, thanks to a generous donation from Carson-Dellosa Publishing to PBS KIDS. These books were distributed in partnership with Durham Public School and Wilson County Schools to help rising kindergartners be better prepared to enter school "ready to learn." We are thrilled that we were able to work with PBS and partners like Carson-Dellosa to support school readiness. Click here to learn more about the free book donation.
  • Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures - Betsy represents the 20 million American children who are preparing  for, or are involved in the transition from pre-school or home to kindergarten. BETSY’S KINDERGARTEN ADVENTURES takes the trauma out of this difficult stage with lots of light-hearted fun and learning in every episode. BETSY’S KINDERGARTEN ADVENTURES follows national curriculum standards in developing episode content. Workshops and / or community events are available.
  • American Graduate: A Reason to Celebrate -  Every year, more than 1 million kids nationwide drop out of high school – kids in every state and in every community.  Recognizing a need to help students stay on the path to graduation, many PBS stations, including UNC-TV, are partnering with other agencies to bring effective solutions.  At the recent Building A Grad Nation Summit, the 2014 Annual Building A Grad Nation Report released by Civic Enterprises, America's Promise Alliance, The Alliance for Excellent Education and the Everyone Graduates Center at the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University stated that for the first time in U.S. history the nation’s high school graduation rate has risen above 80%. At this rate, the U.S. remains on track to meet the national goal of a 90% graduation rate by 2020. The report credits public media’s work through the American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen initiative is a key to building knowledge, highlighting solutions and increasing community-based partnerships that contribute to progress in addressing the dropout crisis. Let's celebrate this accomplishment.  Click here to learn how UNC-TV has supported drop out prevention.
  • Health Initiative - Each year, UNC-TV's educational services staff collaborates with healthcare professionals such as Pitt County Memorial Hospital, Missions Hospital, Asthma Coalition groups and more to tackle important childhood health issues, such as asthma.This multifaceted campaign includes: community engagement activities that include Meet and Greet opportunities with PBS KIDS Buster or Arthur; parent / educators training presentations; and distribution of researched-based educational resources at "All About Asthma" events. Resources include Arthur’s Hooray for Health, Sesame Street A is For Asthma, and Sid the Science Kid’s Amazing Lungs.

For more information about UNC-TV's outreach projects, contact Pamela Orr, PreK-12 Director at 919-549-7149 or Kamona Herring, Educational Outreach Coordinator at 919-549-7072.