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UNC-TV's Past Outreach Projects

  • A Lion in the House - Join UNC-TV for this journey with five extraordinary young people and their loved ones, as they confront childhood cancer and the indelible make it leaves on a family.
  • Becoming American in North Carolina - In association with the Bill Moyer's special, Becoming American: The Chinese Experience, UNC-TV explores North Carolina's own Chinese populations to provide a well-rounded view of what it means to be Chinese in the Tar Heel State.
  • Be More, Be Diverse - UNC-TV's Bridges to Diversity Project invites you to participate in this workshop training community leaders in techniques for discussing potentially sensitive themes in a safe and non-judgmental learning environment.
  • Biz Kid$ Financial Literacy Project - The curricular materials associated with Biz Kid$ build upon the lessons gained through the content of each television episode. These materials will cover relevant concepts, including money basics, planning to achieve financial goals, credit, income, expenses, starting a business, and more.
  • Cyberchase Weather Watcher Project - UNC-TV invited the community to participate in the FREE “NC Cyberchase Weather Watchers Event” in Venture Hall at Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh, providing the first opportunity for North Carolinians to watch a brand new weather watchers episode of Cyberchase on the big screen.
  • Eyes on the Prize - Surrounding the rebroadcast of the groundbreaking Civil Rights series Eyes on the Prize, UNC-TV presents the Eyes on the Prize Oral History Project, allowing North Carolina’s citizens to share & showcase oral histories capturing the local face of America’s Civil Rights movement.
  • GEAR UP North Carolina - As more than 13,000 middle and high school students across North Carolina prepare to "Gear Up" (G ain E arly A wareness and R eadiness for U ndergraduate P rograms) this documentary captures the thoughts of education policymakers, political leaders, and students contemplating their future in a rapidly-changing world.
  • My Journey Home - What is home? See the winners of UNC-TV and Carolina Central Community College's video essay contest and what "home" means to them.
  • Remaking American Medicine - To parallel the profiles in the national series, Remaking American Medicine, UNC-TV launched a statewide search for those individuals making a difference in North Carolina's healthcare.
  • Second Opinion: HealthWise: Diabetes - In the last decade, diabetes has nearly doubled in the United States and has become one of the most prevalent diseases in North Carolina and the nation. In this UNC-TV HealthWise initiative special, host Christine Rogers leads a panel of experts in an hour long call-in program about diabetes prevention and control.
  • Take One Step - As part of UNC-TV's local Take One Step initiative, UNC-TV challenged you to walk across North Carolina— counting your steps every day during the six month period between January 1 and ending on June 30.
  • UNC-TV's Literacy Initiative - UNC-TV's goal for literacy is to use telecommunications wisely and imaginatively to inform, educate, and enrich all North Carolinians by providing literacy opportunities.
  • Voices of Freedom - What does freedom mean to you? UNC-TV collects responses to this educational topic through our Voices of Freedom website.