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PBS KIDS Raising Readers at UNC-TV

About the Initiative
The PBS KIDS Raising Readers bi-lingual initiative uses research-based, innovative television programs and related multi-media content to help meet the critical literacy needs of children ages 2-8, from low income families.
All Ready To Learn initiative efforts incorporate the latest research about the most effective ways for kids to build reading skills, with a special emphasis on the needs of children from low-income families. The Ready To Learn initiative is a cooperative agreement of the U.S. Department of Education, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), PBS, and the Ready To Learn Partnership (RTLP). PBS member public television stations nationwide, such as UNC-TV, are important partners in the Ready To Learn initiative.

At UNC-TV, we “connect learning” for families, caregivers, teachers and parents with ready-to-use literacy resources and supports at home, in school and in the community. We harnesses the power of the media to enhance early literacy skills using content from PBS KIDS shows as a springboard for quality learning and integrating our learning philosophy of the learning triangle, which is read, view, and do.

Integrated resources include:

The PBS KIDS Raising Readers national project is funded by U.S. Department of Education's Ready To Learn grant with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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