Ready To Grow

Return to Teachers and Childcare Providers

Ready To Grow UNC-TV was awarded a grant through the U. S. Department of Education, Maryland Public Television and PBS Kids Ready To Learn to conduct a Ready To Grow Pilot in North Carolina.

Ready To Grow workshops have been conducted with participants from Alamance, Chatham, Durham, Guilford, Granville, Martin, Pitt, Robeson, Vance, Wake, Warren, and Wayne counties.

Ready To Grow is designed to meet the needs of after school programs. Ready To Grow workshops explore ideas on helping to make every TV viewer—A “Smart TV Viewer”. Media literacy helps our children be better prepared to choose wisely.

Workshops also discuss how to meet children’s needs at various stages in their development. This is especially important for after school programs that work with multi-age groups of children.

Participants practice using Ready To Grow materials as starting points for new learning adventures for children ages 6-12.

The Ready To Grow Activities On-The-Go Kit is built around the PBS Ready to Learn Learning Triangle. This easy-to-use and highly regarded instructional model uses TV that teaches (Viewing) + storybooks (Reading) + activities (Doing) all related to one theme or skill. The Learning Triangle can follow any order, any time and is a great way to help kids understand a theme or learn a skill in more than just one way.

Everyone who attends a workshop will leave with a Kit and a better understanding of how to:

  • Use television as an educational tool.
  • Understand the PBS Ready To Learn Learning Triangle and use it as a teaching strategy.
  • Implement Ready To Grow materials to inspire children's learning in Science & Math, Language Arts and Drama, Media Literacy and Character Education.
  • Understand the concept of media literacy.
  • Include all kinds of children and reach learners with different abilities.
  • Identify resources for technical assistance, including the PBS Ready To Learn website and other community resources.

What’s Inside the Kit:
Four folders organized into educational topics: Science & Math, Language Arts & Drama, Media Smarts, and Character Education. Inside each folder is a set of activity sheets packed with things to make and do with children. Each activity supports an educational theme and helps make the connection between fun and learning.

  • More than 120 Activities inspired by PBS Kids educational programs.
  • Arts and crafts supplies to get you started
  • Children’s books and suggested book extension activites

Ready To Grow workshops are more than a place where you learn to put Ready To Grow into practice. They are also times to share triumphs, successes, concerns and feedback.