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PBS TeacherLine Southeast is the premier provider of high-quality, research-based and standards-based online professional development courses and services for PreK-12 educators in SC, NC, and GA. With more than 80 online, facilitated courses offered in reading and language arts, math, science, technology integration, instructional strategies/technology, and STEM - PBS TeacherLine helps educators invest in their career and in the success of their students. Courses last just 6 weeks and are taught online by expert educators in a media-rich learning environment. Each course offers learners access to interactive lessons, videos, articles, and online discussions moderated by their course facilitator. Register today to reserve your spot!

Just Announced: PBS TeacherLine Southeast Online Professional Development Courses-Enroll Now!
Regionally-Offered Courses Begin April 30 / May 7, 2014.

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  • READING/LANGUAGE ARTS (RDLA152.86): An Introduction to Underlying Principles and Research for Effective Literacy InstructionGrades K- 8 | 45 hrs | 4.5 CEUs | Enroll Today
  • READING/LANGUAGE ARTS (RDLA172): Teaching Vocabulary: Word Meanings and Word Knowledge, Grades PreK-2| 45 hrs | 4.5 CEUs  | Enroll Today
  • TECHNOLOGY (TECH522): Project Online Facilitator Training I: Mastering the Skills of Online Teaching, Grades K-12 | 45 Hours | 4.5 CEUs  | Enroll Today
  • TECHNOLOGY (TECH575 NEW): Leveraging Smart and Social Digital Media in the Classroom, Grades K-12 | 30 Hours | 3.0 CEUs| Enroll Today
  • INSTRUCTION (INST 315.80): Teaching for Multiple Intelligences , Grades K-12 | 30 Hours |  3.0 CEUs  | Enroll Today
  • MATH (MATH270): Developing Algebraic Thinking in Grades 3-5 , Grades 3-5 | 30 Hours | 3.0 CEUs  | Enroll Today
  • MATH (MATH430): Seeing Math™: Proportional Reasoning , Grades 6-12 | 30 Hours | 3.0 CEUs  | Enroll Today
  • MATH (MATH 527 NEW): Mathematics Illuminated: A Special Collection from Annenberg Learner| Grades 9-12 | 45 Hours | 4.5 CEUs  | Enroll Today
  • STEM (STEM417): NASA Resources for Teaching Global Climate Change in High School, Grades 9-12| 45 Hours | 4.5 CEUs | Enroll Today

Be sure to enroll with promo-code “NCTLSE” to help ensure UNC-TV tracking and NC credit.
[If you have another promo-code to use (except for district-given codes), please contact us before enrolling so we can provide you with an equivalent TLSE code: 800-277-0829 or teacherline@scetv.org]

PBS TeacherLine Southeast - Online Professional Development for Educators

  • Click here to visit the TeacherLine Southeast website where you can find regional PBS Teacher Line Information.
  • Click here to see the PBS TeacherLine Courses that are now aligned to Common Core State Standards. View the Grid.
  • Click here to see results from the NC Teacher and Administrators 2009 Professional Development Survey.

North Carolina Educators: The PBS TeacherLine Southeast courses have been pre-approved for CEUs by nearly every NC district, and 8 of the RDLA courses have been approved for literacy credits by the North Carolina Department of Public Instructions (NCDPI). Visit the TeacherLine website to learn more about the CEU and literacy credits: http://www.teacherlinesoutheast.org/credit.htm.  Many courses are also  Common Core aligned, and all courses feature experienced facilitators, best-practices for integrating technology into the curriculum, authentic tasks with real-world applications, and valuable peer exchange. Don't miss the STEM courses developed with NASA!

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Remember, TeacherLine courses offer best practice videos, expert articles, a robust and highly-rated peer discussion board, interactive lessons, authentic tasks with real-world applications, and best practices for integrating technology into the curriculum. Learning truly comes alive!

  • 95% of course learners affirm their students' academic performance will benefit per their course participation (64% strongly agreed!).
  • 95%+ of learners affirm their course provided them with content knowledge and/or instructional strategies they can use.
  • Most readily applied this gained knowledge to their teaching practice during their course.

Teachers Rave about PBS TeacherLine

 "I thought this course was very informative and will be very helpful in the classroom. It offered various strategies to use for diverse learners and activities that I will take back to my classroom. Very good class."  

"I learned a lot about fundamental literacy obtainment. It's the kind of knowledge universal to teaching. Also, the course was well organized and concise."

"The thing I liked most about my TeacherLine course is that the required readings were interesting, enlightening and practical for classroom instruction. I am so excited about the knowledge and strategies I've learned."

 "I liked the flexible schedule, having a deadline once a week, and being able to share ideas with colleagues. I also liked the videos. It was like being in an actual classroom and watching someone teach."

"I really liked the specific comprehension and vocabulary strategies learned and online interaction with other educators and the course facilitator."

"It was very reflective and made you think, but it wasn't strenuous work that was worthless. It was material and knowledge I will definitely use in the classroom in the future. Really helped me think about where the students are coming from."

More Information About PBS TeacherLine Southeast

  • TeacherLine Research Examines Educational Service Agencies' Role in Professional Development
  • Northampton County Schools Provide TeacherLine Professional Development - Northampton County Schools continues to provide professional development funds for Norrthampton County teachers to take TeacherLine courses. Teachers in Northampton County Schools contact Rhonda Moses or visit your district website for more information. Thanks for the ongoing partnership Northampton County Schools!
  • Stanly County Title I Teachers - Stanly County Title I teachers in Title I schools may be reimbursed for TeacherLine courses. Please see Debbie McLester to get pre-approval forms and for more details before enrolling. Take completed TeacherLine course certificates to Debbie McLester for reimbursement.

For inquiries about TeacherLine: Click here or call 1-800-277-0829.