Production Credits

Executive producerBear Island Shore
Tom Linden

Associate producers
Blair Pollock
Jim Sander

Martin Brown

Additional videography
George Bryant

Segment producers
Jessica Hughes
Jim Sander
Julea Steiner

Segment associate producers
Kathryn Barr
Jiang Li
Joseph Marra
Kevin Mckenna
Emily Waters
Sarah Whitmarsh

Kelly Chi
Julia Connors
Maggie De Pano
Tom Linden

Music by
Chris Frank

Animation by
Zachary Ferriola-Bruckenstein

Tom Linden

Photos courtesy of
Dean Brooks
Gary Grant
Todd Miller
Carteret County Historical Society
Concerned Citizens of Tillery
North Carolina Coastal Federation
North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Coastal Management

Footage of North Carolina Now April 26, 2001 and December 5, 2005 is provided courtesy of UNC-TV.

Special thanks to
Helen Chickering
Dylan Field
Terry Hill
Mike Magee, MD
Cindy Rogers
Richard Simpson
Davis Stillson

This documentary project is supported by grants from Pfizer Inc. and the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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